Sheikh Maulana Maghribi Tomb, Cirebon

[Bahasa Indonesia] - Sign of Cirebon Sheikh Maulana Maghribi Tomb which is located on the roadside suddenly caught my eyes that were darting around while enjoying the smooth ride on a pedicab on the way to Kacirebonan Palace. However the Tomb of Sheikh Maulana Maghribi was visited on our way back after visiting the Kacirebonan Palace.

Cirata Dam, Purwakarta

Purwakarta Cirata Dam was visited a few months ago, using road route starting from Cibubur - Cileungsi - Cariu - Cikalong Kulon. After arriving in the area of Cikalong Kulon we turned left along the banks of Cirata Dam until finally arriving at the end of the road, on the dam and the installation of Cirata Hydro Power Station in Purwakarta.

Sangkanurip Hot Springs Bathhouse, Kuningan

Kuningan Sangkanurip Hot Spring Bathhouse was the first popular tourist destination that we stopped by when visiting the area of ​​Kuningan Regency, West Java. Sangkanurip Hot Spring is said as one of the most famous hot spring facility in the area, and worth to stop by there to relax the muscles before entering the City of Kuningan.

Tanjung Kait Beach, Tangerang

Tangerang Tanjung Kait Beach was visited a few months ago, with more relying on GPS navigation device. Tanjung Kait Beach is one of the farthest beach in Tangerang Regency, which is about 29.5 km from the center of the city of Tangerang. The GPS navigation

Rahmat International Wildlife Museum & Gallery, Medan

Rahmat International Wildlife Museum & Gallery is a very interesting and unique tourist destination in the city of Medan, North Sumatra. The museum and gallery stores various marvelous collections consists of a variety of preserved wild animals derived from personal

Petungkriyono Ecotourism, Pekalongan

A trip to the area of Pekalongan Petungkriyono Ecotourism took a rather long time, about one and a half hour from the city of Pekalongan with a distance of around 42 km. Petungkriyono Ecotourism is at the south end of Pekalongan Regency which borders the

Bajing Falls, Pekalongan

Trip to Pekalongan Bajing Waterfall passed a winding asphalt coated road with a view of vast lush rice fields and green blueish mountains. Bahing (Squirrel) Waterfall is located in the village of Tlogopakis, Petungkriyono Sub-District, Pekalongan regency, quite far from the hamlet of Sokokembang in Pekalongan Petungkriyono Ecotourism area we previously visited.