May 29, 2020. Label:

Twitter's Web App New Features Released

Twitter has officially announced new features in its Twitter's Web App that makes possible for users to save tweets as drafts and to schedule new tweets. While saving tweet as draft is rather familiar, but scheduling a tweet is certainly not many people are aware of.
May 22, 2020. Label:

Google Meet is Now Free to Everyone, Here is How to Use It

Just recently there's an email from Google telling me that Google Meet's free to everyone. That's because a few days earlier I signed in to a Google's page to get notification when the Meet is already available to everyone for free.
May 22, 2020. Label:

Buy Your Daily Supplies at Traditional Markets in East Jakarta from Home

You may want to buy your daily supplies at traditional markets in East Jakarta from home, via cellphone, considering that COVID-19 pandemic has not yet subsided. Although the transaction can not yet be done online via apps, but at least you need not leave home to buy your daily needs.
May 20, 2020. Label:

CSS: How to Set Background Color to be the Same Width of Text

It was when I needed to highlight a line of text that I stumble upon a simple knowledge of CSS on how to set background color to be the same width of text in a line. It's more a matter of taste rather than a necessity, since one can just set background color with the same width of the text container.

The Fingerstyle Guitar God's Name is Alip Ba Ta

It's been a while since I started following Alip Ba Ta's channel in Youtube, just a few seconds after reading a retweet in my Twitter's timeline that mentioned his name. Curious, I searched and opened his channel and watched a number of his finger styles guitar cover videos. It was a bit late knowing him, as Alip's subscribers were around 500-600 thousands already.
May 15, 2020. Label:

Blogger: Read More to the Top of Posts

It is sometimes necessary for fellow Blogger to make 'read more' hyper links bring visitors to the top of posts. It recently came to my attention again that whenever I click a "Read More" hyperlink at Home page, it brought me to a line of text where the jump link was placed, and I didn't like it.
March 02, 2020. Label:

How to withdraw Mandiri cash without a card at an ATM

The information on How to Withdraw Mandiri Cash Without a Card at an ATM can be useful if one day we forget to bring wallet or forget to carry an ATM card that should be in our pocket, but we are in need of cash to buy food or goods.
February 28, 2020. Label:

Places to Visit in Central Jakarta

The full list of places to visit in Central Jakarta. There is also a Jakarta City Map containing GPS location of tourist attractions, places of interest, old buildings and other related places in Central Jakarta.
February 27, 2020. Label:

East Jakarta City Map

East Jakarta City Map was created to help visitors find location of tourist attractions and places to visit in East Jakarta. You can also contribute by submitting GPS data to help fellow tourists who want to know Places to Visit in East Jakarta.
February 27, 2020. Label:

Hotels in East Jakarta

Below is a list of several Hotels in East Jakarta. The hotel room prices mentioned in the article should only be used as a temporary guide as they may change at any time. This cheap lodging and hotel information in East Jakarta will be updated when new information is available.