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At Tin Mosque

At Tin Mosque [ Masjid At Tin ] is located near Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, East Jakarta. Even though it looked a bit old the last I was there, the mosque still kept a sign of its greatness as one of the legacies built by the Cendana family at the end of the New Order era.

One can guess from its name that the At Tin Mosque was indeed created to commemorate the late Mrs. Tien who died on April 28, 1996, two years before Soeharto stepped down from power as president on May 21, 1998. Its construction began in April 1997 and was inaugurated on November 26, 1999, more than a year after Suharto stepped down.

The magnificent building for religious tourism was erected on an area of 70,000 square meters, with the main room able to accommodate as many as 9,000 worshipers and 1,850 other worshipers can be accommodated in the mosque's hallway and plaza. Apart from being a place of daily worship, the mosque is also sought after by prospective brides as a favorite place to carry out marriage contracts and celebrate weddings.

At Tin Mosque

The At Tin Mosque has four dome minarets on each corner surrounding the main dome, with the letter "Allah" on the top. At the front of the mosque, there is a fountain with light green ceramics on which the edge of the pool can be seated. The arrow shape which is the main theme in this mosque is also seen in the fountain.

To get to the main room on the first floor there are two steps through the main door and an escalator to the right. There are also four steps in the corners of the mosque, and another step is on the back side. The design of TMII Jakarta At Tin Mosque was done by Fauzan Noe'man and Prof. Dr. Ir. Ahmad Noe'man, co-founder and architect of the Salman Mosque ITB. Prof. Ahmad Noe'man passed away on April 4, 2016 at the age of 90, after being treated for 10 days at Borromeus Hospital, Bandung.

The mosque's parking area can accommodate more than 100 motorbikes, 8 large buses, and 350 four-wheeled vehicles. On the ground floor of the mosque, which is surrounded by an open terrace, besides ablution places there are also food stalls, rest areas, internet rooms, libraries, multipurpose rooms, mushaf rooms, small meeting rooms and audiovisual rooms.

The side hallway of the At Tin Mosque had an excellent sound system. I could hear very clearly the voice of the preacher inside the mosque while walking in through it. Not from the loudspeakers at the tower, but from high-quality speakers hidden at any given distance along the ceiling of the mosque hallway.

After taking ablution water, which is a comfortable and clean place, I stepped into the main room of the At Tin Mosque and prayed there. After praying I just took a closer look at the inside of the mosque room while occasionally taking pictures of the interesting parts.


The first thing that became my target was the mihrab section, the place where the imam used to stand when leading the prayers and the pulpit where the sermon recited the sermon. Both are in one room. The elevated position of the pulpit is right in the middle of the mihrab, a rather unusual place, as it is usually to the right of the priest's place. The mosque ornaments seem to be dominated by the beautiful shape of the arrowhead which points upwards.

The color combination and the shape of the wall lamps attached to the main pillars are also interesting. There are also stained glass ornaments on the walls depicting arrows. The arrow in this mosque is a symbol that humans should never stop being grateful for the blessings and blessings that Allah has bestowed upon him, as an arrow is formed from beginning to end.

The interior ornament of the dome of the At Tin TMII Jakarta mosque looked beautiful, with a crystal chandelier in the center. The concentric line under the dome is a steel plate around which there is an arrangement of blue, green, yellow, and red stained glass. The sunlight that is carried into the room by the stained glass creates a beautiful color composition.

At Tin Mosque At Tin Mosque At Tin Mosque At Tin Mosque At Tin Mosque At Tin Mosque At Tin Mosque At Tin Mosque At Tin Mosque At Tin Mosque At Tin Mosque At Tin Mosque At Tin Mosque At Tin Mosque At Tin Mosque

The inside of the main dome is the part of the mosque that I usually like the most, because it is generally one of the most beautiful parts. But the ceilings are almost always not high enough, or my lens just isn't wide enough to capture the entire circle. The main room of this spiritual object is on the first floor.

The address of At Tin Mosque is at Jl. Raya Taman Mini, Jakarta 13560. Phone 021-87781602, 87795564, 87794272, 95736821, 98082446. Fax 021-8779 0054. GPS Location : -6.298236, 106.885171, Waze. Open : marriage affairs office 08.00 - 17.00. Saturday to upto 13.00.

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