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Pancasila Sakti Monument

The Pancasila Sakti Monument [ Monumen Pancasila Sakti ] is located in a very large area at Jl. Raya Pondok Gede, Lubang Buaya, East Jakarta. The monument is on the left side of the complex in the same area with PKI Betrayal Museum and Paseban Museum with a very wide and rather long access road and a large parking area.

It has been a long time since I visited the Pancasila Sakti Monument, but it's just published a few months later. I also published photos of the monument much earlier on my Facebook page, as it took too long to write about it. As a result there was a feeling that had published it, even though it's actually not.

In the outer courtyard of the monument, there's an old model sedan with Police number AD-01 which was the official vehicle of Lt. Gen. A. Yani when he was Minister / Commander of KOTI (High Command). There was also the official Jeep Toyota Canvas Police Number 04-62957 / 44-10 used by the Commander of the Army Strategic Reserve Major General Suharto on October 4, 1965 when he led the removal of the bodies of the victims of the PKI killings from Lubang Buaya's death well.

monumen pancasila sakti jakarta

While visiting there happened to be a group of junior high school students, who could be identified by their uniforms and appearances, who were listening to the explanation of a male teacher who guided them in the courtyard of this historical tourist spot. The teacher who used a loudspeaker must have told them of the incident related to the killing of a number of high-ranking Army officers on the night of September 30, 1965.

The cupola with the symbol of the golden eagle is a well of death, where the generals were put in after being tortured. Behind the students is a house where the generals were tortured, before being put into Lubang Buaya's well. Whereas in the background is the Pancasila Sakti Monument with statues of the Revolutionary Heroes standing tall.

What was quite helpful in the middle of the area that keeps memories of the human tragedy was the shady trees in the complex which is now a tourist attraction. It helps people to walk around the area where there had been tragic events that triggered a series of other events that have defined the nation's journey for more than 30 years.

There's an installation at the Pancasila Sakti Monument in Jakarta depicting the torture of Maj. Gen. R Soeprapto, Major General S. Parman, Brigadier General Soetojo Siswomihardjo and Lettu Czi Pierre A. Tendean by Pemuda Rakyat and Gerwani that could be seen on the veranda of a house where the incidents took place. Meanwhile, Lt. Gen. A. Yani, Brig. Gen. DI Panjaitan, and Maj. Gen. M.T. Haryono had already been murdered earlier.

The Well of Death

In the cupola of the well of death I saw a visitor who was stunned observing a hole with a diameter of 75 cm, a depth of 12 m, where the seven victims were put in a pile with their heads down. To cover it up, the well was filled with banana trunks and trash, then covered with dirt. The corpse could only be removed on October 4, 1965 when it was already damaged.

A small inscription appeared beside the hole of the well of death which reads (written using the old spelling): "Our struggle to uphold the purity of the Pantja Sila cannot be broken just by burying us in this well. Lobang Buaja, October 1, 1965". Ideas and ideals are not easy to kill.

Heroes of Revolution

The statue of the Revolutionary Hero in the Pancasila Sakti Monument complex in Jakarta is about 45 m from the well. The monument's courtyard is reached by climbing 7 stairs. The back wall of the Revolutionary Hero Statue is 17 m high, on a 17 x 17 m2 area, symbolizing the seven heroes and the date of the proclamation day.

The wings of the giant Garuda Pancasila statue seem to cover all the seven Revolutionary Heroes in a semi-circular position. From the left are Brigadier General Soetojo Siswomiharjo, Brigjen D.I Panjaitan, Major General R. Soeprapto, Lt. Gen. A. Yani, Mayjen MT. Harjono, Mayjen S. Parman, Lettu Pierre A. Tandean. On the foundation of the Pancasila Sakti Monument, there are reliefs before and during the eruption of the G30S PKI and its suppression.

In the complex there was also a 1961 American Dodge Truck number B.2982.L belonging to PN Arta Yasa which was seized by the PKI on Jl. Iskandarsyah, Kebayoran Baru, to kidnap Brigadier General DI Pandjaitan from his house on Jl. Hasanudin 52, Keboyaran Baru to Lubang Buaya.

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The struggle for power always brings casualties of souls and properties, both to the main actors, as well as to the supporting players, and to those who don't know anything. The offspring could not escape from the dirt. But that sweet, intoxicating, addicting power loses its way once the time comes, often with the same degree of tragedy comparable to the euphoria of acquiring it.

The Pancasila Sakti Monument address is at Jl. Raya Pondok Gede Lubang Buaya, Cipayung, East Jakarta. Phone 021-8400423. GPS Location : -6.290627, 106.908554, Waze. Open : Tuesday to Sunday 08.00-16.00. Close on Mondays, open on public holidays. Ticket : Rp4,000, bus Rp15,000, car Rp5,000, motorcycle Rp2,000. Group of 50 persons: studen Rp2,000, public Rp3,000. Movie Rp1,500/person (or Rp75,000 per session).

, seorang pejalan musiman dan penyuka sejarah. Penduduk Jakarta yang sedang tinggal di Cikarang Utara. Diperbarui: February 03, 2021.

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