A Cup of Coffee

If you found the blog is useful, please scan the barcode below with your Gojek application and fill in the nominal value equal to a cup of coffee or whatever your thumb decides, or if you don't want to give me a treat, just send a prayer to people who have made your life better. Please scroll down.


If using a cell phone:
  1. Press the above QR-code logo for a few moments, release it, then click "Download image".
  2. Open the Gopay application: click "Pay", click the photo icon at the top right (next to the lightning bolt icon), click the QR-code photo that has been saved. Fill in the nominal, click confirm
Thank you for the treats and or prayers, hopefully it will bring goodness to you.


"My God,
with all humility,
I beg Your forgiveness for all the sins of both my parents and forefathers,
also forgive the mistakes of those who have been kind to me,
whether I know it or not.
Love them more than what they once gave me, and make them happy in this world and in the Hereafter. Forgive and bless us and our families, O Most Merciful and Compassionate God. Amen. "

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Treat me for a cup of coffee, or just pray for those who make your life better.