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Irazzt - Age of Magic

Irazzt is the leader of the Ra'Archne, used to be one of the least used faction in Age of Magic. She is effective in combat against Barbarians and Denaya, and thus may change the faction's popularity among players.

With her skills, Irazzt unites and strengthens the Ra'Archne squad in battles. Thanks to her unique leader ability, Irazzt turns her troops into Cocoons after death, in order to revive them later.

Irazzt - Age of Magic


Metamorphosis, Leader skill: Cast HP bonus buff to herself and all allied Ra'Archne, adding 40% to the max HP. Cast 'Metamorphosis' buff on allied Ra'Archne, which make them cocoon when they die with the same level, rarity and equipment level and HP 18% of its max. You can't resurrect heroes when cocoon is alive.

Adaptation, Passive skill: when allied Ra'Archne's HP fall below 20%, their ablity timers are reduced by 1 turn; when any ally takes damage, they'll cast on themselves "Damage bonus" buff which deal 10% more damage.

Glory to the Swarm, Special skill-2: cast "weak one" buff to herself, healers and casters for 2 turns which trigger Tahit and Akhrasht perform counter attack; other allied Ra'Archne increase their initiative by 12%. Damage taken by allied Ra'Archne is limited to 35% of their max HP for the next 2 attack, and other non-Ra'Archne allies get half of it.

Defiling Ray, Special skill-1: deals magic damage to one target; removes all buffs from target, and deals 5% more damage; target can't cast buff on self for 2 turns.

Toxin, Basic skill: deals magic damage to one target.


The source to get Irazzt's shards is in the event Raid of “Fire Gates”. To pass the Raid, players need to use certain Heroes.

After completing the Raid, players receive special currency to open the Chest pack, which contains Irazzt's shards, and/or Blood Emperor and other Heroes' shards.

Strategy and Tactics

The full potential of Irazzt is revealed when players use her manually.


Irazzt has always been the right hand of Queen Ra'Archne. The difference in appearance from other Ra'Archne had never embarrassed her. After all, a race that lived in lightless, gigantic underground caverns didn't care about petty things such as looks.

Recently however, the buzzing sound on the edge of her mind, unclear images and thoughts, were keeping her restless.

As Irazzt begins to listen to the call of her ancient roots, she realizes that the Queen has ruled over her mind for many years, back to when she was still in her cocoon state.

Guided first by curiosity, but soon turning to rage, she gradually shatters the illusions that were cast upon her, while still being right next to and feigning loyalty to the Queen who betrayed her.

With stinging jabs, the visions and her own quiet prodding reveal the whole truth to Irazzt.

Even before the cataclysm, in a battle for territory, Queen Ra'Archne destroyed all of Irazzt’s kind. As a symbol of the race that had been defeated, the queen left only Irazzt alive, in her cocoon state.

Irazzt was unaware of her origins, since she fell into the hands of the Queen as a cocoon, and until a certain recent moment she didn't even suspect the Queen of destroying her kindred.

The Queen's over-confidence however may have played a cruel trick. Who knows, maybe soon the hive will get a new Mistress.

, seorang pejalan musiman dan penyuka sejarah. Penduduk Jakarta yang sedang tinggal di Cikarang Utara. Diperbarui: June 29, 2022.

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