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Grok - Age of Magic

Grok is a fairly strong tank from the Kobolds faction in Playkot's Age of Magic game. A very interesting game, it's just that you have to be prepared to spend enough money to have a reliable army.

In battle, Grok provokes opponents to attack him, protecting other heroes whose shields are weak, especially healers. For that he uses a very strong shield to protect himself from the opponent's onslaught.

Grok's face almost resembles a crocodile but has buffalo horns with a mohawk hairstyle. Her skin is a greenish hue like Shrek's, he's clothed halfway up to his knees, tied with a large belt decorated with skulls and a red tasseled skirt.

In his right hand he holds a large jagged mace which is his main weapon, in his left hand he holds a shield decorated with skulls. The soles of its three-toed feet resemble those of reptiles.


Grok only has 3 skills, namely Basic, and 2 special skills.

Club Strike, basic skill: basic attack using a club. Triggers a class mark Tank, which is triggered by a tank attack like Grok. If a tank attacks an opponent marked with a Tank class mark, that tank will recover 10% of its maximum HP.

Enraging Strike, Special skill 1: injures one opponent and makes that one only able to attack him for 2 turns. Has a 20% chance per live Kobold comrade to bind another opponent to only attack him.

Shield Wall, Special skill 2: increases the shields of all allies from the Kobold faction in his army by 80% and heals them by 10% every turn for 2 turns.


Grok's Shard can be obtained in the Valley of Treasures shop, and as a reward in the battle at the end of the Tomb of Horrors.

Strategy and Tactics

Grok is one of the Kobolds that had to be raised its rarity from the start, along with the other four Kobolds to get a Rok in the Kobold Business event.

Rok, along with Succubus, Balthazar, Kage, and Abaddon, are required to obtain Artus shard in the Master and Apprentice event. Artus is the boss of the Archon faction, the strongest boss after Naja.

The five Kobolds easiest to obtain their shards are: Grok, Soothsayer Zytima, Jagg, Kobolock, and Shni, each of which must be upgraded to level 50, rarity 5, and equipment level 5.

Although Grok is not a preferred Tank and is only useful when used with his faction's heroes, but when he is at the opposing side he can be quite troublesome.

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