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Shni is a Rogue from the Kobolds faction, depicted as a little green-skinned creature, reminiscent of Shrek in the 2001 animated film based on William Steig's 1990 picture book.

Shni's mouth resembles the snout of a crocodile but is shorter, his thick silvery white hair extends down to his back, and he is armed with a long dagger in her right hand which makes him looked a little fiercer.

Although he is small by the Kobolds faction's standards, Shni is a champion in dodging attacks and is able to carry out attacks that inflict poisoning on enemies hit by his weapon.


Shni has three kinds of skills, namely 1 Basic, and 2 Special Skills. Dagger Strike, basic skill: is a basic attack using the dagger in his hand that triggers the Rogue class mark.

Rogue class marks are a bit complicated to use because they need to mark the target first, then revive the dead rogue, and the revived rogue attacks the target that has been marked with the Rogue class mark, and then it will do double damage to the target.

Poison Spike, first special skill: attacks the opponent with a poisoned dagger. The poison injures enemies and slows them down by 30% (or according to level) for 2 turns.

Kobold Disguise, second special skill: critical hit chance increased by 45% and dodge chance increased by 25%, plus an additional 10% for every Kobold alive for 2 turns. Critical hit chance for all Kobolds increases by 30% while this skill is still active.


Shni' Shards can be obtained relatively easily in VoT (Valley of Treasures) and it's cheap compared to other heroes.

Therefore Shni is one of the 5 favorite Kobolds whose shards are collected to get Rok at the Kobold Business Event.

Strategy and Tactics

Although in battle he can be quite a hassle if he's on the opposing side, Shni is not a favorite hero character to use in Arena, Raids, and Tournaments.

As mentioned above, Shni can be considered to get the Rok's shard, because of its low price in the VoT shop.

Shni may be considered for use in Kobolds faction formation only if his power is significantly higher than other characters. If the power is the same, then it is preferable to use Grok, Jagg, Zytima and Kobolock, as well as Wyrm Priest.

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