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Jagg - Age of Magic

Jagg is Malee Damager of the Kobolds faction in Playkot's Age of Magic, a company that was originally founded in Russia before moving its head office abroad to go international.

Jagg is also a member of the brotherhood of Merceneries along with Denaya, Swamp Killer, Aratar, Arekhon Shadow, Atiles, Rogar, Arekhon Ax Thrower, Aegnor and Zhu Bajie.

He's also in another brotherhood, namely the Group of Villains along with Wyrm Priest, Blood Priest, Arekhon Shadow, Soothsater Zytima, Hilia, Khsaat, Eraser, Akhrsaht, Torak, Abyss Hound and Blood Mage.

Jagg's advantage is that he is able to hide behind troops while preparing an attack that can destroy the enemy.


Spear Strike, basic skill: attack the enemy with a spear.

Sudden Strike, a special skill: an attack that the enemy cannot dodge.

Ambush, a special skill: hides from enemy attacks for one turn while preparing an attack that deals up to % more damage.


Jagg's Shard can be obtained at Light Campaign Act 1 Chapters 1 Heroic. Also at the Tomb of Horrors as a random gift in the last 3 nodes, or buy in the Shop using gold, and buy in the Tomb of Horrors' shop using diamonds.

Strategy and Tactics

Jagg can be considered useful and can be used in battle with any hero even though his skills are relatively ordinary, but his attacks after hiding can be quite dangerous.

Of course it would be better if he's used in the Kobold army to take advantage of other heroes' special skills that made him more formidable and powerful.

Jagg is also useful in the Group of Villains, both in the Legendary Campaign and Dark Campaign in Chapter 7, especially if he has at least 3 arcane star (AS). Four AS is certainly better.

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