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Torak is a Ranged Damager from the Kobolds faction as well as a member of the Group of Villains which is arguably the least attention-grabbing character. One of the reasons is because of the lack of skills and it is easier to collect other shard of heroes from the Kobold faction.

Among the 7 hero characters in the Kobolds faction, Torak may be in sixth place before Shni, but sometimes Shni is preferred because it is relatively easier to get its shard.

Torak is described as a strong and cunning slingshot thrower, always quick to escape danger by hiding behind allies.


Slingshot Strike, basic skill: attack with a slingshot.

Killing Stone, the first special skill: A powerful spinning strike with a certain percentage chance of removing random buffs from the selected enemy.

Hide!, second special skill: Increases the initiative of allied Kobolds by a certain percentage while becoming untargetable for 2 turns.


The Torak's Shard can be obtained in Light Campaign Act 1 Chapter 2 Heroic, as well as in Valley of Treasures Act 1 Chapter 6.

As many as 60 Torak shards can be purchased at the Market, but you should never buy them, it's not worth for the money. The Thork's Shard can also be obtained as a reward at the last three nodes of the Tomb of Horrors.

Strategy and Tactics

Thorak is more useful when he's used with a herd of Kobolds, because their special skills are useless when paired with heroes from other factions.

Unless he has Arcane Star of 4 or above, Torak is not a favorite character to use in the Sharpshooter's Test challenge, so it is not a priority to strengthen his power in the early and intermediate stages.

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