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Kobolock - Age of Magic

Kobolock is a Healer from the Kobolds faction. He was an alchemist who made concoctions from mushrooms, herbs, roots and other materials. His extremely unpredictable elixir was said to be able to shake the soul out of the body, making other Kobolds fear him.


Kobolock has four kinds of skills or abilities, each with a maximum level of 7 (seven) with the lowest skill at level 1. The number affects the strength of the skill when used in battle.

The first skill is a basic skill in the form of Throw Potion, with a 50% chance to reduce the enemy's initiative by 50%. The percentage of the number depends on the LERS (Level, Equipment, Rarity, Skill) level of the Kobolock.

The second skill Moonshine which restores 40% HP, can be less or more depending on LERS, to all his allies. HP is health power which is an indicator of the health of each Hero in battle.

The third skill is Drink Poison, which deals damage to all opponents and lowers their attack accuracy by 30% or more for one turn. The attack power depends on the LERS' levels.

The fourth skill is Passive, or automatically appears in battle without him doing anything. The passive skill increases the damage resistance against magic of the all allied Kobold by 20% (depending on LERS).


Kobolock's Shards can be obtained at Market:
Chest, Special Offer for IDR 149,000 (or equivalent to your local currency) for 50 Shards plus items for level upgrades, lasts a few days and will reappear some time later.
Rewards from Tomb of Horrors battles, and
Tomb of Horrors' shop, for 525 Diamonds,
Daily bonus.


In general, if you are at the opponent's position, a healer like Kobolock must be killed first in battle. However, if there is Grok, then you may eliminate Grok first since he is able to significantly increase the defense power of the Kobolds, depending on his LERS.

Kobolock is not a favorite healer, and if there is no other strong reason, then it is enough to increase the LERS to meet the hero requirements in the final round of the Kobold Business Event in order to activate the Rok, which is Level 50, Rarity 5, and Equipment 5. At that level, raise the Skill to its maximum number, which is 5.

However, Kobolock can be upgraded later to its maximum level (80, 10, 7, 7), in order to harvest more mana in Clan War.

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