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Kong Miao Temple

Kong Miao Temple [Kelenteng Kong Miao] or Litang of Kong Miao is a place of worship for Confucians which buildings and ornaments looked elegant. The location is right behind the Keong Mas Imax Theater, opposite the Pangeran Diponegoro Mosque, inside the Taman Mini Indonesia Indah complex, East Jakarta.

Litang is the official name for a place of worship for the Confucians that is not yet widely known. The Kong Miao Temple appeared to be the last place of worship built at TMII. The inauguration of the temple took place on 23 December 2010, several years after the existence of Confucianism as a 'recognized' religion by the government. The entrance to the main room was reached by a fairly large number of steps. The room under the temple was used for office.

A pair of giant dragons guarded the wall of the temple, with the precious (the Sun) in the middle of the entrance gate. The desire to enter the main room of Kong Miao Temple was extinguished though, for a moment, as it was closed to the public. Luckily we met the caretaker, and after talking with the friendly woman we were allowed to go into the room.

kong miao kelenteng jakarta

The lower front of TMII Kong Miao Temple with a Kilin statue whose tongue supports a book. Kilin is a mythical creature with the body of a deer, with the head and scales of a dragon, dark green in color, which is said to have appeared at the birth and death of Confucius (551 - 479 BC). Kong Hu Cu or Confucius is a prophet for followers of the Confucian belief.

The main room of the Kong Miao Temple, measuring 15 x 20 meters, was empty in the middle, unlike the other Chinese temple which usually full of God statues, dragon ornaments, and prayer equipments. Just at the end of the room there's the altar and a Confucian statue. This room is apparently a hall of mass worship on the first day and in the middle of the month in the Chinese calendar.

A brief explanation about the Kong Miao TMII Temple is engraved on black-based ceramics with golden writing in the main room of the temple. The first stone laying was done by the religious minister on February 2, 2009, the inauguration was done by the head of the Harapan Kita Foundation, and the president of the Republic of Indonesia planted a pine tree in front of Tian Tan (Holy Altar of the Almighty God).

kong miao kelenteng jakarta

A set of exquisitely carved wooden chairs were found at Kong Miao Temple, side by side with a Confucian statue. Its back supports are engraved with a dragon and a Hong Bird (Phoenix). The two ends of the armrests are carved with a dragon's head, Garuda's head, as well as carvings on the four corners of the table. The carving work looks meticulous and smooth.

A very beautiful little golden hiolo carved with a pair of dragons is placed in front of the Kong Hu Cu statue in the hall of this Kong Miao Temple. The hios that had been extinguished seemed to be stuck in the middle. Beneath the hiolo is a golden yellow cloth embroidered with Kilin flanked by two dragons.

To the left of Da Cheng Dian is the Qi Fu Dian (Blessing Temple) oval-shaped cage, symbolizing the earth or nature, and contains the Shen Ming altar (Saints). On the front roof there are statues of a pair of dragons fighting the precious ( Ji Liong Jio Cu ) as well as house ornaments, and the back roof is decorated with strips.

The main building of the Kong Mioa Temple is rectangular, symbolizing humanity, and is called Da Cheng Dian (Temple of the Great Prophet Kong Zi / Kong Hu Cu), supported by 8 dragon pillars and 8 main pillars. To the right of the main building is the Tian Tan (Holy Altar of the Most High God), symbolizing the round-shaped God of three.

Next to the back right of the Kong Miao Blessing Temple is Zao Jun Dong (Ciao Kun Kong, Kitchen God Hall). Inside there is a statue, a beautiful hiolo and a pair of oil lamps. Even though is called Kitchen God, but Ciao Kun Kong has a high position, because he records all the virtues and kindness done by every occupant of the house.

At the front of the Blessing Temple in the TMII Kong Miao complex there is a statue of a pair of dragons fighting over the precious (Ji Liong Jio Cu) on the roof, and the rear roof is decorated with vines. There are six statues of Saints whose rank is below the Prophet (Sheng Ren), including Kwan Kong and Hok Tek Ceng Sin (God of the Earth). In this place, Confucians can pray at any time, individually.

In front of the door of the Temple of Blessing there is a hiolo Sky God, as well as a drum on the right side of the porch. Beneath the hiolo is a Confucian symbol in the form of a golden Spiritual Bell. The Spiritual Bell means the extension of life, and gold is a symbol of the sublime nature of the believer's human nature and an ambitious holy personality.

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With the refinement and beauty of the building's ornaments that looked very elegant, the Kong Miao TMII Temple could become one of the pride temples of the Confucian people in Indonesia. Kong Miao Temple can also be a cultural showcase and introduce Confucian teachings to the wider community, so that they can better understand and respect each other.

The address of Kong Miao Temple is in the complex of Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, Jl. Raya Taman Mini, East Jakarta. Phone 021-87795616, Fax 021-87795616. GPS Location : -6.303883, 106.891791, Waze.

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