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Age of Magic - 10 Strategies and Tactics

Even though it's less than a year playing Age of Magic, allow me to share tips on strategies and tactics in battles and in developing heroes to have a greater chance of winning and progressing faster. Experience in combat, as well as mistakes made are very valuable lessons in this game.

In addition to strategies and tactics, the power of each hero and total power also plays an important role, as well as the composition of heroes used in dealing with opponents. Every hero has strengths and weaknesses.

The hero's weakness generally comes from his or her own strength, and vice versa. When to be a weakness and when to be a strength, often depends on what opponent you are facing.

Alright, without further writing nonsense, here are tips on strategies and tactics to win and advance faster in the Age of Magic.

Age of Magic Strategies and Tactics Tips

1. Join a Clan

Immediately join a clan when you start playing Age of Magic, so you can participate in Raids and Clan Wars to get tokens to buy shards that can't be obtained from other places.

Do not create your own clan, unless your power is above 1 million, and have enough friends who want to join you from the beginning.

Look for clans with members greater than 24 (minimum number to complete raids), 29 is better. Use 'Search Clan' and Global Chat, and choose a clan with weekly portal stones of each member are at or close to 4800. Leave clan that is slow to complete Raids.

After being in a clan for a while, move to a stronger clan in order to get more tokens and better equipments. As a rule of thumb, multiply your total power by 30, and look for a clan with total power is 20%-30% higher than that. If it could be higher, it would be better.

Your hero's development will be slow if you stay in a clan for too long. Don't change clans befor a Raid is finished so that the rewards are not lost.

2. Send Request for Friend

Send requests to the two strongest players in the clan, whose heroes are useful to help in the campaigns. Another source of friends is players at Top Clans.

Don't hesitate to send requests, it's free, and the only risk is getting rejected. If rejected, keep trying until someone is kind enough to accept the friend request.

Global chat can also be a source of friend requests. If you can't speak English, use Indonesian or your local language, because there are quite a lot of people from different nationalities playing Age of Magic, or use Google Translate before posting.

Limit your friends with players with the same or lower in total power than yours, except to help that player when your power is above 1 million.

3. Challenges

Focus on leveling up the heroes needed to conquer Sorcerers Duel for silver, Sharpshooter's Test for skill cubes, Live by the Sword for healing kits, and Battle of the Strongest for arcane stars.

Focus on one challenge before shifting your focus to the next challenge. Those four challenges are needed in a very long time. The rest becomes less valuable starting at the intermediate level.

4. Events

Fractured World for Balthazar's shard: buy chaos energy at least 2x50 gold coins. Max level Balthazar is required to get Artus shard in Master and Apprentice event. The Kobold Business for Skirts: in the early stages choose 5 kobolds that are the easiest to level up, other than Thorak and Wyrm Priest (WP). Develop WP after total power above 300K.

Forest Shadows for Tileana's shard: level up Cernuol and Maeglin early on, harvest Idril in the campaign, buy Gloriana in Clan War's shop. Tileana's max level is required in the Cobra Strike event to get Naja's shard, the strongest hero in Age of Magic besides Artus.

Fox Hunt for Tsuna's shard: level up the easiest heroes in Undead Arekhon faction to max level. Tsuna is used in the Cobra Strike event.

Cobra Strike for Naja's shards: this is generally the last event to complete. Be diligent in harvesting Roinar early on, and unlock Siegfried in the Winter's Break event.

Warrior of Light for Argen's shard: this is quite difficult, but you still have to consistently power up 5 heroes from the Ra'Archne faction through Valley of Treasures, Clan shop and Raids shop.

Abbys Crystal for Daimyo shards: diligently harvest Orihime in the Dark Campaign, and Mizuhiko in Valley of Treasure. Purchase Taneda at the Valley of Treasure shop, Hotei at Tomb of Horrors and Clan War, and Kage at the Way of the Ninja event.

Master and Apprentice for Artus' shard: This will be one of the last events to complete, as it requires max levels of Balthazar, Kage, Rok, Succubus, and Abaddon.

Winter's Break for Siegfried's shard: this is not too difficult, because the Barbarian faction of heroes should be the first to level up. Once unlocked, the Siegfried's shard can be purchased at the Clan shop. Before the Arcane Star, Siegfried was considered the strongest tank in the Age of Magic.

Two Princesses for the Sandariel's shard: strengthen the heroes needed until you can conquer the last dot, and buy energy at least 2x50 gold coins to speed up the shards' posession.

Will-o'-the-wisp for the Succubus' shard: strengthen 5 demons to unlock the Succubus, and then Succubus' shard can be purchased with tokens at the Tomb of Horrors shop and Arena shop.

Eternity Whisperer for Sacrif's shards: once unlocked, the shard can be purchased with tokens at the Valley of Treasures shop. Sacrif is the strongest healer after Azariel.

5. Market

Chest : only buy if it is needed urgently.

Power Boost : only buy if the discount is 50% and above, and it's really necessary.

Arcane Chests : buy 1 chest that costs about $50, or half of it. This will be very helpful in conquering the Tomb of Horrors and battles in Arena and Raids.

Resources : no need to buy anything here.

Currency : buy the rightmost Chest of Gold, it's the most economical, and use it wisely.

Magic Pass: always buy Magic Pass event to increase heroes' power. When the Magic Pass is active, use the remaining attack quota in the Tournament to increase Magic Pass points. The trick, once you enter the battle, immediately press the button to give up. Spend the remaining attacks that way.

Market : never buy with gold coins, unless there are very cheap part pieces that cost under $1. Scroll down, and buy part pieces only if the price is below 50K silver, and IX part pieces which are really necessary.

Tokens : always complete daily quests to get 1 token. Exchange per 10 tokens for heroes used in Arena / ToH / Tournament, or wait until they reach 50.

Arena: focus on buying shards based on priority, not random. Complete 1-2 heroes, then buy the next hero. Don't buy part pieces until all the shards are bought. You can buy some parts that can not be harvested in campaign.

Tomb of Horrors : prioritize 1-2 shards to be purchased. Don't buy part pieces except for the main hero and can't be harvested in the campaign.

Valley of Treasures : same as above.

Clan and Raids : the principle is the same as above. If you want it faster, you can buy tokens in the Calendar menu. It's important to be in a clan with 100% Raid V, and then Raid VI.

Clan War: prioritize buying Gloriana because it can't be harvested in the campaign, then Idril, Hotehi and so on.

6. Tomb of Horrors

Always use the two strongest healers in every battle, such as Azariel and Lucky/Kharanah so that no hero dies, and will minimize the need for healing kit. If possible, use Denaya as the leader, and Swam Killer / Seven Knives / Bellara, and Magnus or Dreverad as tanks.

Tactics for dealing with Azariel: attack the weakest hero until it reaches a critical hit and then immediately move to attack the 2nd hero to death, move to attack hero-3 to death, attack hero-1 again. Azariel was attacked last.

Tactics against Gloriana: use Abaddon or Dreverad to injure Gloriana so she can't revive dead heroes of Wild Elves faction.

Do not use range damager to fight Denaya's group.

To defeat Druids, you can use Denaya, Swamp Killer / Seven Knives, Abaddon, Azariel, and Lucky/Kharanah, or a stronger boss to knock out Cathbad and Dreverad.

7. Arena

Don't be afraid to attack heroes with higher total power, because with the right tactics you always have a chance to win.

The heroes we have are often not ideal, but nevertheless you have to keep trying to strengthen them in order to break into the top 100, and then the top 50.

Some of the tips on how to fight the enemy have been mentioned above. To fight Denaya - Magnus - Azariel, use auto and press Denaya to focus the attack. Attack Azariel only at the end of battle, before Bellara, unless you have strong heroes to eliminate it on the initial attack.

8. Light Campaign dan Dark Campaign

Besides continuing to strengthen the heroes needed to conquer each chapter, the key is to make friends with players who have the strongest heroes (Naja, Artus, etc.) to help in battles. Don't hesitate to send friend requests to players with total power above 1 million.

9. Tournament

One tip already mentioned above. Choose an opponent from the bottom row of the list, and pick ones with high chances of winning. When in doubt, attack those opponents later, when there is no other choice to attack.

10. Clan War

Read clan's chat, whether in the game or discord or communication channel used by the clan, to find out if there is an agreement with the neighbouring clans, which dots can be attacked and which dots can't. Always read the chat, that's why it's important to join a clan with a language we understand, even though I'd ever joined Russian and Chinese clans without knowing their languages.

In reality, deviations from agreements are common, so try to stay calm. Remember, this is just a game for fun. Don't take it too seriously.

Try to attack as soon as CW starts. Put the second or third strongest heroes in the first (bottom) manarin, the strongest or second strongest heroes in the second, and the strongest ones in the third or top manarin. Try to help each other, and be observant to see which dot should be prioritized to attack or defend.

Those are a number of strategy and tactical tips for the Age of Magic game. Comment to share your tips and experiences.

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