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Jakarta Gems Center

Jakarta Gems Center [Pasar Rawa Bening] is located at Rawa Bening Market, Jl. Bekasi Barat, Jatinegara, East Jakarta, just across Jatinegara Railway Station. It has been quite long that it became the center of craftsmen workshop and gemstones shops, the largest in Jakarta, and become favorite destination for domestic buyers as well as tourists from different countries.

But only a few weeks back that I had a chance to stop by at Rawa Bening Market Jatinegara, although the distance from my house is not that far. Just need to get on a TransJakarta Bus service and will arrive there in a few minutes later. At least there are two entrances to get into the modern market area, and I chose to use the west entrance gate.

Walking towards to the center of the market, I passed by several stalls selling various precious metal works, especially keris and spear, the antique stuffs which prices could be very elastic, and also creative products from various regions in the country. Many of the antique stalls are located at the front side of the market, close to the east entrance gate.

Jakarta Gems Center

A golden statue of gemstone installed at the front yard of Rawa Bening Market. Underneath is a large inscription showing the official name of the market, namely Jakarta Gems Center Rawa Bening. Various type od gemstones are available at Jakarta Gems Center Rawa Bening Market such as Black Onix, mirah (ruby), sapphire, zamrud (emerald), and giok (jade).

In addition to the well-known names, there are names that sound less familiar to many people, such as Leopard Skin, Malachite, Pendot, Rock Crystal, Red Tigereye, Snowflake, or Tigereye. The unfamiliar gemstone's names could be found there, because many of the gemstones were imported from countries such as Burma, Colombia, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Russia.

Not only precious stones and genuine gemstones, artificial stones are also widely available at the Jakarta Gems Center Rawa Bening, and hence visitors should make sure with the seller what they are going to buy. The Jakarta Gems Center Rawa Bening was officiated in May 2010, after the old market originally built in 1974 was demolished and rebuilt.

Jakarta Gems Center

An atmosphere in the main area of Jakarta Gems Center Rawa Bening Market, which was made open at the upper parts, without a bulkhead. Wherever we go, our eyes will be caught by rows of cabinet's showcases containing variety of ready-made agate or still loose ones, and there are unpolished gemstones as well. Imported gemstones mostly in the form of finished or ready to be installed.

After getting a good gemstone, including the type of stone, color, price and other preferences, if it's not purchased in the form of ready-made one, visitor can ask the seller to place it in a ring or at other jewelry, using certain model and material. Visitor can also go directly to workshop gemstone at the same compound.

Workshop to refine a shape gemstone that can be adjusted to the demands and tastes of the buyers is located on the western end side of the main area of the Jakarta Gems Center Rawa Bening Market Jatinegara. The area is rather vast, and the sound of grinding machines peeling surface of gemstones continued to roar while I was there, almost never stopped.

On the third floor, visitors who are already hungry and thirsty can choose from several food stalls to have assorted snacks and heavy meals as per liking by paying reasonable prices. I chose noodle soup which was pretty good to fill my empty stomach, accompanied by a piece of traditional cracker and a glass of apple juice with less sugar.

The Jakarta Gems Center Rawa Bening Market Jatinegara is certainly the best place to be visited if you are an enthusiast of agate, gemstone, other precious stones, antiques and other rare items from acros the country, and the world. Bring enough money, but be careful with the authenticity of goods you buy, and negotiate wisely to get a good price.

Jakarta Gems Center Jakarta Gems Center Jakarta Gems Center Jakarta Gems Center Jakarta Gems Center

Access: inter-city train passengers should get off at Jatinegara Railway Station, and just walk across the street. All trains from out of town will stop for a while at Jatinegara. Commuter train: use Blue Line Bekasi - Jakarta Kota or Bogor - Jatinegara. TransJakarta Bus: use Corridor 11 Pulogebang - Kp Malay, get off at Jatinegara Station 2, continue on foot.

Address of Jakarta Gems Center is at Pasar Rawa Bening, Bursa Batu Aji dan Batu Permata, Jl. Bekasi Barat, Jatinegara, Jakarta Timur. GPS Location: -6.216138, 106.870011, Waze. Jakarta City Map . Tourist Destinations in Jakarta . Hotel in East Jakarta

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