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Cibugary Dairy Farm Pondok Ranggon

It's been a while that I wanted to stop by and to see Cibugary Dairy Farm [Wisata Susu Cibugary] at Pondok Ranggon, Cibubur, East Jakarta, but just recently I could make a stop there. I came with Wid to a place that is a traditional dairy farming complex on the outskirts of Jakarta city.

Location of Cibugary Dairy Farm (Cibubur Garden Diary) of Pondok Ranggon is accessed via Jl Jambore which entrance is right after Pertamina gas station (formerly Petronas), adjacent to Mahogany Residence housing entrance on Jl Raya Alternatif Cibubur. At intersection after passing TPU Pondok Ranggon, where there is an Alfamart at the corner of a T-junction, we turned left.

The Alfamart is not at the main road though, but just on the right side after turning to the left. The distance from Jl Jamboree to the T-junction is about 2.3 km, or just 350 meters after TPU (public cemetary of) Pondok Ranggon. After about 400 meters from the intersection we turned to the left where there is a gate entrance to Pondok Ranggon dairy farm complex.

About 50 meters later we turned right into a small archway of the Cibugary Dairy Farm Pondok Ranggon which road was just enough for one vehicle. My car was parked next to a traditional saung (hut).

Cibugary Dairy Farm

Traditional Saung made of bamboo with roof of palm leaves at the front area of Pondok Rangoon Cibugary Dairy Farm. Other than relatively cheaper than wood as the materials are easily obtained, the comfort of the bamboo Saung is also good.

The atmosphere was quiet. In front of the house on the right side of the driveway there wass a refrigerator in which plastic bottles of yoghurt with various flavors were stored. Several items were displayed at the front of the house. After I knocked the door several times there was a mother who let me to see the location on my own.

Most dairy cows in Cibugary Dairy Farm Pondok Ranggon had black-and-white striped skin, and only a few had stripes of white chocolate. These cows looked benign, as every day they were milked and hence were familiar to humans. Moreover, school children often visit the place to see the process of milking and feeding of the cows.

Cibugary Dairy Farm

These are dairy cow pens of Pondok Ranggon Cibugari Dairy Farm which was freshly cleaned. The place to eat and to drink for the cows were cleaned without leaving any water and straw. The cattle feeding hour had not come yet.

There were just a few small glass tiles on the ceiling of the cage that could pass the sunlight into the den, so the atmosphere was a bit gloomy. Maybe it was deliberately made so that the cows were not exposed to the sun.

The cows ropes were long enough to give them choicec either to stand or lay down on its bellies. At the end of the cage there were also white cows. Maybe they're raised for meat. Because no-one was there to talk to, we went back to the front area where there were a lot of saung (traditional hut).

Containers used to collect milk products were seen on the right side of the cows' shed, which I just noticed when I was about to leave the cage area. Behind the Saung of Pondok Ranggon Cibugary Dairy Farm there's Arwana Fish Pond which might be owned by different people as I did not see any access to the pond.

In addition to receiving public family visits on Saturdays and Sundays, Pondok Ranggon Cibugary Dairy Farm also provides several visiting packages for kindergarten, elementary, junior high school, and to high school students, with a minimum of 20 participants on Mondays to Fridays. In this place there are also some children's game equipments which conditions were still pretty good.

A cow in Cibugary Dairy Farm Pondok Ranggon produces about 10-15 liters of milks. Fresh milks are partially shipped to dairy factory, partly are processed into yoghurt and ice cream, and partly are delivered directly to customers.

There is a package of Rp. 65.000 per person where each participant get 3 bottles of pasteurized milk, 1 bottle of youghrt, and goodybag, as well as explanation about cattle breeding, post-harvest process milk, introduction of cow's milk, introduction of cow color, feeding cattle, and drinking milk together.

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There is also a package of Rp. 55.000 per person, package of Rp. 45.000 per person, and package of Rp. 35,000, with a different number of parcels. If you want to have lunch on the spot, Cibugary Milk Tour Pondok Ranggon also provides catering packages at Rp. 25.000 / box. Prices might have been increased though.

Address of Cibugary Dairy Farm is at Kompleks Peternakan DKI Blok C No.1 Rt 01 Rw 02, Pondok Ranggon Cipayung East Jakarta. Telp 021-93449196, 08129521253 (Rahmat), 081808367966 (Tati). GPS Location : -6.35689, 106.906318, Waze ( smartphone Android and iOS ). Open : 09.00 - 18.00, Senin until Friday for groups of school children; Saturday - Sunday for group or family. Reference : Map of Jakarta, Destinations ini Jakarta, Hotel in East Jakarta.

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