La Lita Villa, Gunung Bunder Bogor

October 16, 2017. Bogor, Travel, West Java. Share: Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp - Villa La Lita Gunung Bunder, located in the village of Gunung Bunder close to Mountain Salak - Halimun National Park, Bogor, is a place of green lush, beautiful, artistic, with antique Wooden Houses Woloan in the middle of its area, as well as beautiful and direc scenery towards City of Bogor, and even to the heart of Jakarta City.t

Villa La Lita Gunung Bunder is owned by Lita Jonathans, the owner of La Lita Arts & Craft, famous with its Decorative Glass Eggshells and Paintings art products, and is now also active in promoting Indonesia embroidery art. In addition to making handicrafts and embroidery products, Lita also provides courses at her villa, in Jakarta and in other cities. Location of Villa La Lita can be reached in about an hour from the exit gate of Sentul City (South Sentul) in Jagorawi Toll Road, then pass through Bogor Outer Ring Road towards Kedung Halang Bogor. Follow the road that leads to IPB Dramaga, and in Ciapus turn left, heading towards to the Mountain Salak - Halimun National Park.

Villa La Lita provides an outdoor swimming pool and a swing that will be well-liked and enjoyed by children. Parents can supervise their children swim while sitting on an antique wooden chair and enjoy the fresh mountain air. Right above the pool is where the wooden house of Woloan Villa La Lita located.

la lita villa gunung bunder
When entering the area of Villa La Lita, you will see dining hall which is located on the front end of the villa, with a beautiful huge table made of an intact Trembesi wood (saman). Food is usually prepared on the big table for a big group of guests, while for family is usually prepared in the dining room of the wooden villa.

In a small park next to the dining hall area, there is a garden table made of one piece of a large stone, with antique teak wood chairs. Right next to the dining hall there is a craft shop displaying Lita Jonthans' collection that can be seen and purchased by visitors. There is a row of toilets near the dining hall. From the dining hall, visitors will step into few stairs passing open space or through a corridor with very beautiful vines of Flame of Irian to go to Pendopo Matahari (Hall of Sun) with no walls. If go to the right of the hall, up few steps from this open space, you will find an open multipurpose grass field and a small mosque.

la lita villa gunung bunderThe Pendopo Matahari is connected directly to the wooden house of Villa La Lita, and can be used for various group activities, such as courses, meetings, to casual events such as playing music or having karaoke together. Karaoke equipment can also be rented on the site for those who are interested to sing to warm the evening atmosphere.

In addition to the Pendopo, a group event can also be arranged in the multipurpose grass field, which can be done in an open air setting or in large tents that can be rented on the spot. The multipurpose grass field is also partly used for car parking. On the left end of the field there is a small mosque. When the weather is clear, early in the morning you can walk a few dozen meters away toward the hills to get several viewpoints for better camera shooting when the daybreak seen across the waist of Mount Salak. Outskirts City of Bogor and tall buildings in down town of Jakarta could be seen when the sky is clear.

la lita villa gunung bunder
Into the room of Villa La Lita wooden house there is another dining table made of intact Trembesi wood, with family kitchen next to it. Thick ethnic atmosphere can be felt in through out the room. Next to the dining room is a spacious living room, and next to it there is another shared room that can be used for relaxing.

On the first floor there is a bedroom and a bathroom. Climbing up few wooden stairs to the second floor you will find four bedrooms, two of which overlooking Mount Salak so that you can watch sunrise. On the second floor there is also a shared bathroom. In addition to seeing the sunrise, you can see beautiful view at sunset.

la lita villa gunung bunder
At night, thick fog from the mountain normally will fall and cover the whole place, creating very romantic atmosphere with chilly air. Because the weather normally very cold and sometimes windy too, you should bring warm clothes if staying here.

In the back yard of Villa La Lita wooden house there is a gazebo above a fish pond suitable for enjoying time together. There is also park bench, and a circular gazebo somewhat to the rear. Near the pond there is a smaller wooden house that can also be rented, and still another small wooden house at the back end suitable for contemplation.

Villa La Lita located only a few hundred meters from the entrance area of Mountain Salak-Halimun National Park, where there are tourist attractions and camping ground such as Curug Ngumpet, Curug Cihurang , Curug Seribu, Curug Cigamea, hot springs and several other tourist sites.

Because of its uniqueness and beauty, Villa La Lita is often used as a filming location for various events on various local TV stations. If number guests is sufficient and time is appropriate, visitors can also take a course to create Decorative Eggshell, Glass Painting, as well as learn embroidery techniques directly from Lita Jonathans.

Villa La Lita Gunung Bunder

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