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Ciparay Hot Springs, Bogor

Air Panas Ciparay (Ciparay Hot Spring) is one of the latest tourist attractions within Mount Halimun - Salak National Park area which I visited. After being delayed several times, I finally arrived at Ciparay Hot Spring, which is located deeper than Cigamea Waterfall. Vehicle should turn left off the main road at GPS: -6.688880, 106.676500.

After our car going as far as about 600 m away from the left-turn before, we finally arrived at car stop just at the left side of the road as there's no dedicated parking area at the site. Once we got off from car, we then walked a few meters to reach the entrance gate of Ciparay Hot Spring, and paid entrance fee of Rp.4,000 per person.

At the bottom of the valley Ciparay Hot Spring there were several stalls selling drinks and food, ranging from boiled noodles, noodles meatballs, heavy meals and light snacks. Although it looked simple, but the stalls were pretty clean and convenient to stretch my legs and straightened my back while enjoying the fresh air of the mountain area.

ciparay hot springs bogor
Entrance gate of Ciparay Hot Ciparay looked rather neat and well maintained, guarded by a woman who served visitors who wanted to purchase tickets. Seemingly there were not many visitors to the hot spring on that day. Perhaps it was still too early. Along the steps down towards the hot spring we ran into people with luggage on his back.

Calm and quiet green atmosphere was visible around Ciparay Hot Spring showers. Colors of the rocks located along the river flow had seemingly turned into somewhat yellowish white. The discoloration of the rocks seemed to be caused by exposure over the years to the sulfuric content of the hot water flowing from Ciparay Hot Spring.

ciparay hot springs bogor
Leafy trees shaded the steps downhill neatly arranged to the location of Ciparay Hot Spring, while the panoramic blueish green hills was seen rather far away. There were more than 200 steps downhill that must be passed to get into the hot spring. With the convenient and not so steep steps, the trip to Ciparay Hot Spring was relatively easy.

Sights of scattered large stones amid Cikuluwung River flow was visible after almost arriving at the bottom of the valley where the Ciparay Hot Spring is located. The water of the river flowing between the scattered rocks looked pretty clear, and it seemed would be refreshing if plunging into it. Ciparay Hot Spring is on the left side of the river.

ciparay hot springs bogor
Rows of bamboo sticks became the hot water showers which were located right at the side of Cikuluwung River, in an open air, without a cover, just looked like natural hot spring atmosphere in the countryside. Steam came from Ciparay Hot Spring indicated the rather high water temperature that flows endlessly through simple bamboo sticks.

At that time several workers were still cleaning up the open public pool of Ciparay Hot Spring from dirt green moss attached to the floor of the pool. On the left side of the outdoor hot water pools there were several small private rooms with bathtubs that can be used by those who want a bit of privacy to enjoy the hot water.

ciparay hot springs bogor
The above antique bamboo bridge is located near the location of Ciparay Hot Spring, crossing over the Cikuluwung River. The crystal clear froth of Cikuluwung River, was visible bubbling relentlessly when it fell to pound the rocks. Scenic panorama along the river and its beautiful surroundings, gave unforgettable impressions to visitors.

After finished walking around in the area within Ciparay Hot Spring compound, we took a brief rest in one of the stalls at the riverside, straighten our backs, and ordered boiled noodles and hot drink without sugar. It's calming the mind and heart, while enjoying the sound of water flow in the river and the cool breeze from the valley.

With not that difficult access to get into the site, and an enjoyable natural atmosphere along the steps downhill has made Ciparay Hot Spring to be a place that you should visit if you are in Bogor or visiting Mount Salak - Halimun National Park. Soaking into hot water for a moment will tame fatigue and eliminate aches.

Air Panas Ciparay Bogor

Address : Kampung Ciparay, Gunung Sari Village, Pamijahan Subdistrict, Bogor. Access Guide. Entrance ticket : Rp 4,000. Reference : Tourist Attraction in Bogor. Bogor Tourist Map. Hotel in Bogor

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