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Sangkanurip Hot Springs Bathhouse, Kuningan

Kuningan Sangkanurip Hot Spring Bathhouse was the first popular tourist destination that we stopped by when visiting the area of ​​Kuningan Regency, West Java. Sangkanurip Hot Spring is said as one of the most famous hot spring facility in the area, and worth to stop by there to relax the muscles before entering the City of Kuningan.

Other natural hot spring facilities in Kuningan area are generally located within upscale hotels and lodging compound, located within relatively close distance. One of them is hot spring facility at Tirta Sanita Spa Resort Hotel, which was reportedly under the same management as Ciseeng Tirta Sanita Hot Spring in the area Ciseeng, Bogor Regency. In accordance with its name, the location of Kuningan Sangkanurip Hot Spring Bathhouse is in the village Sangkanurip, Cigandamekar Kecamatan, Kuningan Regency. To reach the place, visitors need to travel a distance of approximately 23 km or about 45 minutes drive from the city of Cirebon towards Kuningan, or about 12 km from the City of Kuningan.

We came from Cirebon City, followed the winding and uphill road which wass quite wide and smooth. From the main road of Cirebon - Kuningan, before arriving in the City of Kuningan, we turned left on GPS -6.829625,108.543549, and followed the road about 4km to arrive at the Kuningan Sangkanurip Hot Spring Bathhouse, located at corner of the road.

sangkanurip hot springs bathhouse
In the area of Kuningan Sangkanurip Hot Spring Bathhouse there is a beautiful cold water pool called Kolam Renang Luncuran Naga (Swimming Pool of Sliding Dragon), because it's in the form of a beautiful dragon head at the top of the slide and the tongue as the sliding path. At the end of the pool there is a shallow pool of cold water intended for children.

On the left side of Swimming Pool of Sliding Dragon within Kuningan Sangkanurip Hot Spring Bathhouse compound there were a number of seats made of cement concrete under shade of umbrellas. Visitors can use thme to take brief breaks, enjoy the cool atmosphere around the faciliy, while enjoying local specialties of meals and snacks.

sangkanurip hot springs bathhouse
Photo above is an open pool at Kuningan Sangkanurip Hot Spring Bathhouse with the average temperature of 36° C - 42° C. Quite hot actually. The water in the hot water Sangkanurip bathhouse is reportedly rich in minerals and has a high iodine content, which is believed to help cure rheumatism and skin diseases, as well as to relax strained muscles.

Other interesting things that can be enjoyed by visitors at Kuningan Sangkanurip Hot Spring Bathhouse is beautiful panorama of Mount Ceremai visible in the distance, which becomes the background of cold water pool sliding Dragon. Moreover, because it is located on the hills, the weather here is cool that makes this a quite comfortable place. If you want to enjoy a more comfortable atmosphere, as well as with better hot water bathroom conditions, cleaner, and more classy, then ​​you can try at Hotel Grage Spa Sangkan, Hotel Sangkan Indah, or even the Tirta Sanita Spa Resort Hotel. Of course the price to be paid would be more expensive than in this public hot water bath, unless you stay there.

sangkanurip hot springs bathhouse
The view on a long hallway leading to the main facility of Kuningan Sangkanurip Hot Spring Bathhouse, a row of individual hot water bathrooms. The hallway was inside the building at the right end of the bathhouse complex, just a few meters away from the out door hot water pool. The private rooms were clean enough, though it needed few treatments.

To be able to use the main private rooms at Kuningan Sangkanurip Hot Spring Bathhouse, visitors must pay another admission of Rp.9,000 per person for about 15 minutes, while for the Executive Rooms adult visitors must pay much more expensive, i.e. Rp.30,000 per person. The price is likely to have gone up again when you visit there.

If you want to relax for a while before or after submerging your body into the healthy hot spring of Sangkanurip, you can wait in front of Sangkanurip Hot Spring Bathhouse to stop an empty wagon. The horse-drawn wagon can be rented by visitirs to wander around the village Sangkanhurip while enjoying the scenery, which cost about Rp.25,000.

Kuningan Sangkanurip Hot Spring Bathhouse

Address : Desa Sangkanurip, Kecamatan Cigandamekar, Kuningan Kabupaten. GPS : -6.8863925, 108.4996596, Waze ( smartphone Android and iOS ). Open : 07.00-20.00. Entrance ticket Rp.9.000, executive room Rp. 30.000. Reference: Destinations in Kuningan lainnya, Map of Kuningan, Hotel ini Kuningan.

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