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Situ Lembang Park in Central Jakarta

Situ Lembang Park is located just around 350 m from Suropati Park to the North East. But maybe because it is in the elite residential area of Menteng that is not covered by public transportation, and hence Situ Lembang Park is less popular than its neighbour. Read in Bahasa Indonesia.

While Suropati Park has at least two small fountains, Situ Lembang Park has a fairly wide lake with lotus trees and a large fountain in the middle of the lake. Situ Lembang Park has also children play ground, and visitors can also do fishing freely on the lake.

A while long ago I had a chance to stop by at the Situ Lembang Park after not seeing it for a long time. The place is just like an oasis in the center of the crowded city. My last visit was more than ten years ago, and it was merely to fill in my hungry stomach since at that time there were several delicious food vendors at the lake's side.

situ lembang park jakarta

Situ Lembang Park's sign in the middle of a green grassy park with background of a fairly wide lake with a fountain in the middle of it. Tall and shady trees help to provide cool air. Jogging track was seen neatly installed around the lake with a land area of 11,150 m2, that can be used for sport activities either to run or walk in the morning and evening.

There were much less number of street vendors on the street surrounding the lake, and none inside the park. There were only two or three street food vendors who do not have permanent points to sell their stuffs. I do not know the condition at night, perhaps more food traders are available there.

Situ Lembang Park was relatively much neater, cleaner, and better maintained as compared to when I saw the park on my previous visits. There's no change on the lake's shape which is almost oval with high fountains in the middle of it.

situ lembang park jakarta

Situ Lembang Park area is open to anyone, and it's free. Fishing is also free. If you do not want to spend monye, you can bring drinks and food from home. No restrictions on it, but prohibition of littering still exists. The Situ Lembang Park is one of the oldest parks in Jakarta. The lake's water is said to come from natural water sources so it is relatively clean.

Although not many visitors were seen enjoying the time around the lake, I do not know how it looks at weekends, but quite a lot of children were playing at Taman Lembang Park. Looking at their faces and clothes they wore, apparently they were not children from the upper class families.

White stones for foot reflexology is also provided around the children's play ground, so parents can use it while watching their children. If at that time I only saw a statue of Dinosaurs, hopefully next time there are more statues of other animals that closely related to the life of Betawi's people, such as Bondol Elang, soang, gecko, tiger, crocodile, and other animals that have been far from the daily life of city people.

In several locations on the right side of the lake there were people looked busy with their fishing equipments. Some were sitting in a group, and others were alone. Some were waiting with patience for the baits to be struck by fish, some were replacing the baits.

Apparently it's not that easy fishing at the lake, as I walked around I did not see a man getting a fish in a hook. According to one angler whose age was around 30s, in addition to catfish and cork fish in Situ Lembang Park there are also some other fish such as tilapia fish. After walking around the lake my throat was dry and my stomach was empty. I ordered some snacks to a peddler. Good thing there is no peddler has a semi or permanent spot around the lake.

Situ Lembang Park is a nice place to visit although at that time no lotus plants were flowering, which if bloom would certainly bend the scene. One more thing you can enjoy there is the free wifi that was installed several months ago by order of Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo.

Situ Lembang Park

Address : Jl. Lembang, Menteng, Central Jakarta. GPS Location : -6.198054, 106.834316, Waze. Open : anytime during the day and night. Ticket : free. About Jakarta : Map of Jakarta, Places of Interest in Central Jakarta, Hotel in Central Jakarta.

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