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Jakarta City Map

Bahasa Indonesia. Jakarta City Map was made to help travelers in finding location of various tourist attractions in Jakarta. You can also contribute to add GPS data of the Jakarta City Map to help travelers find the way to visit tourist spots in Jakarta.

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GPS Data of the Jakarta City Map

Aditya Jaya Hindu Temple, -6.19547,106.87492, Waze

Ancol Arts Market, -6.12578,106.839756, Waze

Ancol Fantasy Land, -6.126503,106.832551, Waze

Anglican Church, -6.182979,106.835366, Waze

Antara Journalistic Photo Gallery and Museum, -6.165734,106.834212, Waze

Antique Market, -6.198694,106.839731, Waze

Asmat Museum, -6.30561,106.893883, Waze

Atlantis Water Adventure, -6.124607,106.840668 (navigasi Google Map), Waze (navigasi di HP Android dan iOS, install aplikasinya di Play Store)

Bank of Indonesia Museum , -6.137109,106.81318, Waze

Bank Mandiri Museum , -6.13808,106.813459, Waze

Bayt Al Qur’an and Istiqlal Museum, -6.30351,106.888084, Waze

Bentara Budaya Jakarta, -6.210357,106.795532, Waze

Bird Park, -6.300518,106.90105, Waze

Cafe Batavia, -6.134501,106.81281, Waze

Candra Naya House, -6.14753,106.815, Waze

Cathedral Church, -6.169334,106.832822, Waze

Cathedral Museum, -6.169313,106.832861, Waze

Catholic Church of St. Catharina, -6.303216,106.892847, Waze

Central Post Office, -6.168129,106.835024, Waze

Ceramics and Arts Museum, -6.134368,106.814082, Waze

Chicken Church, -6.160766,106.834077, Waze

Chinese Cultural Park, -6.303699,106.902849, Waze

Chinese Temple Bahtera Bhakti, -6.119988,106.853651, Waze

Chinese Temple Chen Shi Zu Miao, -6.142757,106.807617, Waze

Chinese Temple Da Bo Gong, -6.136741,106.806334, Waze

Chinese Temple Hok Tek Tjeng Sin (Amurva Bhumi), -6.219465,106.81936, Waze

Chinese Temple Jin de Yuan, -6.144502,106.811791, Waze

Chinese Temple Kong Miao, -6.303883,106.891791, Waze

Chinese Temple Sin Tek Bio, -6.160856,106.836093, Waze

Chinese Temple Toa Se Bio, -6.142932,106.811847, Waze

Church of Santa Maria de Fatima, -6.143788,106.811936, Waze

Cibubur Bee Recreational Park, -6.36685,106.895743, Waze

Cibubur Fantasy Island, -6.370886,106.958664, Waze

Communist Betrayal Museum, -6.291086,106.907331, Waze

DPR/MPR Building, -6.20988,106.800704, Waze

Electrical and Energy Museum, -6.303155,106.904384, Waze

Ereveld Ancol (Dutch Cemetery), -6.11827,106.854419, Waze

Ereveld Menteng Pulo, -6.222542,106.838887, Waze

F. Widayanto Gallery, -6.209306,106.825374, Waze

Fatahillah Museum (Jakarta History Museum), -6.135104,106.813256, Waze

Fatahillah Park, -6.134664,106.813242, Waze

Freshwater Aquarium Park, -6.305461,106.89473, Waze

Gelora Bung Karno Sports Complex, -6.218671,106.804056, Waze

Golden Snail Legend Park, -6.304464,106.892214, Waze

Heritage Museum, -6.305317,106.895733, Waze

Imax Golden Snail Theater, -6.304445,106.890578, Waze

Immanuel Church, -6.176588,106.832085, Waze

Indonesia Children Palace, -6.30207,106.899821, Waze

Indonesia Miniature Park TMII, -6.301985,106.888239, Waze

Indonesia Museum, -6.301164,106.891404, Waze

Information Museum, -6.299751,106.893357, Waze
Insects and Butterfly Museum, -6.305893,106.895304, Waze

Inscription Park Museum, -6.172278,106.819446, Waze

Jakarta Art Building, -6.166647,106.834703, Waze

Jakarta City Hall, -6.180905,106.828894, Waze

Jakarta Convention Center, -6.215514,106.807049, Waze

Jakarta War Cemetary, -6.222212,106.840222, Waze

Joang 45 Museum, -6.186004,106.836299, Waze

Kampung Maen Outdoor Children Playground, -6.361686,106.903434, Waze

Kidzania, -6.224654,106.809822, Waze

Kite Museum, -6.300226,106.793891, Waze

Komodo Museum, -6.303622,106.90098, Waze

Kota Intan Bridge (Heritage), -6.131264,106.810573, Waze

Manggala Wanabakti (Forest) Museum, -6.206301,106.798851, Waze

Marine Corps Museum, -6.301889,106.811517, Waze

Maritime Museum, -6.126943,106.808578, Waze

Menteng Park, -6.195957,106.829306, Waze

Merdeka Palace, -6.170548,106.824207, Waze

MH ThamrinMuseum , -6.19399,106.8457, Waze

National Archives Building, -6.153718,106.817391, Waze

National Awakening Museum, -6.17844,106.83819, Waze

National Gallery of Indonesia, -6.180705,106.832685, Waze

National Journey History Diorama, -6.278668,106.819727, Waze

National Monument, -6.175542,106.827117, Waze

National History Museum, -6.175254,106.826967, Waze

National Museum, -6.176162,106.822418, Waze

National Police Museum, -6.239495,106.802065, Waze

Ocean Arena, -6.1245,106.841826, Waze

Oil and Gas Museum, -6.301348,106.904432, Waze

Pancasila Sakti Monument, -6.290627,106.908554, Waze

Pancoran Monument, -6.243169,106.843519, Waze

Planetarium and Observatium, -6.189782,106.839024, Waze

Proclamation Manuscript Formulation Museum, -6.20018,106.8311, Waze

Puppet Museum, ,-6.135022,106.812711 Waze

Purna Bhakti Pertiwi Museum , -6.300682,106.886644, Waze

Ragunan Orchid Garden, -6.303202,106.82539, Waze

Ragunan Zoo, -6.306426,106.820111, Waze

Salihara Community, -6.282752,106.838028, Waze

Sasmita Loka AH Nasution Museum, -6.19293,106.83278, Waze

Sasmita Loka Ahmad Yani Museum, -6.20455,106.83669, Waze

Satria Mandala Military Museum, -6.230785,106.819195, Waze

Science Center, -6.302249,106.903335, Waze

Scout Campground and Graha Wisata, -6.366642,106.901178, Waze

Sea World, -6.125716,106.843446, Waze

Setu Babakan, -6.340194,106.824758, Waze

Si Pitung House, -6.097,106.9589, Waze

Simultan Church, -6.222335,106.839675, Waze

Sion Church, -6.138237,106.817646, Waze

Situ Lembang City Park, -6.198054,106.834316, Waze

SnowBay Waterpark, -6.300017,106.892048, Waze

Soekarno - Hatta Monument, -6.202677,106.846333, Waze

Soldier Museum, -6.30524,106.897236, Waze

Sports Museum, -6.304102,106.889055, Waze

Srengseng City Forest, -6.210613,106.764547, Waze

Stamp Museum, -6.303758,106.901755, Waze

State Palace, -6.167849,106.823917, Waze

Sunda Kelapa Harbor, -6.116382,106.808331, Waze

Suropati City Park, -6.199798,106.832578, Waze

Syahbandar Tower, -6.12753,106.809066, Waze

Taman Ismail Marzuki Arts and Cultural Center, -6.190283,106.838125, Waze

Telaga Cibubur Fishing Pond, -6.368902,106.900277, Waze

Telecommunication Museum, -6.303227,106.888982, Waze

Textile Museum, -6.18793,106.80963, Waze

Timor Timur Museum, -6.303248,106.901376, Waze

The Hallelujah Christian Church, -6.303206,106.893341, Waze

TMII Orchid Garden, -6.29292,106.88155, Waze

Transportation Museum, -6.304272,106.89891, Waze

Tugu Church, -6.123773,106.923765, Waze

VOC Ship Building, -6.128074,106.808798, Waze

Waterbom, -6.11385,106.747678, Waze

West Papua Liberation Monument, -6.17071,106.835057, Waze

Youth Oath Museum, -6.18363,106.84315, Waze

Jakarta City Map

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