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Welcome Statue in Central Jakarta

If there was one to be the most famous statue in Jakarta it certainly should be the Welcome Statue or Patung Selamat Datang, which is also popular as Tugu Selamat Datang or Welcome Monument. It was used to also be named as the Statue of Jali-jali. Since people are now rarely hear the gambang kromong song of Betawi, the name of Jali-jali statue is hence not heard anymore. Read in Bahasa Indonesia.

Actually there's nothing too spectacular on the sighting of the Welcome Statue located at roundabout of Hotel Indonesia. Moreover, most people can only see the statue from a distance, so the details of the statue can not easily be seen, especially if one only passes by for a few seconds.

That's because the statue's location is right in the middle of a rather large pond of no less than 100 meters in diameter, and the overall height of the statue reaches 17 meters high, 10 meters of which is the height of the statue's base. The making of sculpture holder is done by PN Pembangunan Perumahan.

welcome statue jakarta

It was a team named Arca's Family led Edhi Sunarso, a sculptor graduated from ASRI and was born in Salatiga July 2, 1933, who made the legendary Welcome Statue. The idea of making the statue came from the 1st President of Republic of Indonesia Ir. Soekarno, which at that time was intended to welcome the arrival of Asian Games IV participants, held on 24 August - 4 September 1962 in the city of Jakarta.

The sketch was made by Henk Ngantung, Governor of DKI Jakarta at that time. The making of the statue was then done at Edhi Sunarso's studio in Karangwuni, and was once visited by President Soekarno along with ministers and US Ambassador to Indonesia Howard P Jones. The creation of the sculpture that took one year was finally inaugurated by President Soekarno in 1962.

welcome statue jakarta

The beautiful fountain's pool beneath the Welcome Statue was the result of a renovation work done in 2002 that reportedly cost Rp 14 billion. There are five variations of fountains jets that are run by computer programs as a symbol of the five principals in Pancasila.

The photos were taken several years ago, when the number of vehicles passing through the streets of Jakarta was not as bad as it is today. Hope the governor of DKI continue to work hard to unravel the congestion by providing more mass public transportation such as LRT, MRT, and other appropriate transportation policy. Loss is reduced when you and I leave the vehicle at home and go out using public transportation.

What makes the statue very famous is because of its strategic location in Hotel Indonesia roundabout (HI), which is often the center of people's activities (later a favourite spot for protesters to gain media attention), as well as the history of the statue that has long been considered as one of the main icons of the city of Jakarta, also because of the beautiful pool of the fountains beneath it.

Statues of young man and woman with waving hands, the woman with her left hand held a bunch of flowers, were made facing to the north since at that time the Jakarta international airport was still located in Kemayoran, so the guests would come from the north towards Hotel Indonesia where they stayed, and then went to Gelora Bung Karno to participate in the sports' competition which was at that time named Ikada Sports Complex.

If you do not want to spend a dime to enjoy the view of the Welcome Statue and the fountain's dance, just sit on side of the road in front of Plaza Indonesia. When the article was first published, people were not been able to enjoy the dancing fountain, as it was being repaired. The renovation works were completed in early 2014.

A more classy way to enjoy the atmosphere around the statue is to have a cup of coffee while snacking at a cafe inside Plaza Indonesia that directly overlooking the statue. There is always option to enjoy something, just a matter of taste and thickness of one's wallet.

Other Sunarso's sculptures that decorate Jakarta City are the Statue of Liberation of West Irian in Lapangan Banteng, and Dirgantara Statue in Pancoran. He also made the dioramas of Museum Sejarah Nasional Indonesia at Monas, diorama at Museum Pengkhianatan PKI Lubang Buaya, and diorama at Museum Satria Mandala.

Welcome Statue Jakarta

Address : Bundaran Hotel Indonesia, Jl MH Thamrin, Central Jakarta. GPS Location : -6.194987, 106.823062, Waze ( smartphone Android and iOS ). Reference : Map of Jakarta, Places of Interest in Central Jakarta, Hotel in Central Jakarta.

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welcome statue jakartawelcome statue jakartawelcome statue jakartawelcome statue jakartawelcome statue jakarta

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