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IMAX Theater Keong Emas

IMAX Theater Keong Emas [Theater IMAX Keong Emas] is one of the earliest tourist attractions I visited at Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (Beautiful Indonesia Miniature Park) compound. After more than ten years never having the opportunity to visit this place again, might even be more than fifteen years, finally we came there again. This time to watch another documentary film about various beauties of the homeland in this beautiful country.

Even though the title of the film I watched was exactly the same as what I saw decades ago, namely Indonesia Indah (Beautiful Indonesia), seeing it again was still very impressive. In fact, there are four series of Indonesia Indah, but as far as I can remember, I watched only two. Nothing has changed in the lobby of the TMII Keong Emas Imax Theater building, the place's official name. The counters and queues were still the same. Likewise the waiting room didn't seem to have changed much.

But there was a bit of a vague old and gloomy impression, or might be just because of my old eyes. There were not many visitors that day, so the ample waiting space looked quite roomy. No need to scramble for a seat, and no need to stand while waiting for the theater's door to be opened.

Imax Theater Keong Emas TMII

A very large ceramic painting on the left wall depicts Raden Inu Kertapati from the Kahuripan Kingdom with his two loyal guards.

Once upon a time there was Princess Galuh Candra Kirana from Jenggala who became the fiancée of Raden Inu Kertapati from Kahuripan Kingdom. Unfortunately she was forced to flee from the kingdom as she did not want to be married to the King of the Antah Berantah Kingdom, and she disguised herself as Dewi Sekartaji. During the escape, Batara Narada turned her into a golden snail, which was later found by Mbok Rondo Dadapan and kept by him in a water jar.

Since that day, every time Mbok Rondo came home from the fields and rivers, she found that her house was neat and clean, and there was also delicious and warm food on the table. After the same thing happened repeatedly, finally one day mbok Rondo pretended to leave her house, but she immediately returned to peek at what was happening inside her house.

Shortly afterwards, she gasped in shock when from inside the jar appeared a beautiful princess who immediately worked deftly cleaning the house and then cooking. After finishing, the princess disappeared back into the jar where the Golden Snail was stored.

Imax Theater Keong Emas TMII

The ceramic painting on the right wall depicts the figure of Dewi Candra Kirana, the princess of the Jenggala Kingdom who in the story was turned into the Golden Snail. Next to her is mbok Rondo Dadapan.

Back to the story, the next day Mbok Rondo pretended again to leave her house. When the beautiful princess appeared, Mbok Rondo Dadapan rushed into the house. She took the Golden Snail's house out from the jar and slammed it hard to the floor into pieces, as a result the princess could not reincarnate as the Golden Snail, and she was adopted by mbok Rondo.

The news of a beautiful princess in Dadapan Village finally reached Raden Inu Kertapati who was wandering around looking for traces of his beloved darling and disguised as Raden Panji Asmorobangun. Finally, the two of them were reunited and they returned to the kingdom with Mbok Rondo who had taken care of the Keong Emas.

The waiting room of the Imax Keong Emas Theater, which, although not air-conditioned, was still comfortable because of its high ceiling and good air circulation. While waiting, visitors can see the information panel on the right side of the room. There're steps behind the high cylindrical glass towards the balcony for VIPs.

Apart from showing films with Indonesian theme, Imax Theater Keong Emas also presenting various imported educational films with entertainment, science and technology, and environmental themes. In each period different film titles were played. The local films are the film series of Indonesia Indah, namely Indonesia Indah I, Indonesia Indah II (Indonesian Children), Indonesia Indah III (Indonesia Strand of Jewels at the Equator), and Indonesia Indah IV (I'm Proud to be an Indonesian Child).

Inner hall of the Imax Keong Emas Theater room was still looked elegant and in good condition, even though it's getting old. The carpet looks a bit dirty and needed cleaning. The Imax Keong Emas Theater room can accommodate 920 people in economy class, and 36 people for VIP / balcony class. Meanwhile, the Parking Area can accommodate 235 sedan / minibus vehicles and 24 buses / microbus vehicles.

Families who bring children to TMII's Imax Theater Keong Emas must be prepared to spend extra money to buy souvenirs at the Souvenir Shop, such as t-shirts, key chains, bags, and many others, or buy toys at the toy shop when they leave the room theater. Poster containing a number of prohibitions in the theater as hung on a wall, such as smoking, photographing / filming, carrying food & drinks, and throwing trash on the floor. It's also strictly forbidden to eat chewing gum in the theater room.

Attached to the walls on the waiting room were glass showcases in which were stored various types of shells and conchs with a large number of collections. The Imax Theater Keong Emas TMII also plays the IMX DMR film, namely Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (Harry Potter 2), Spiderman 2, Madagascar Escape 2 Africa, Star Trek, and Transformer 2. IMAX DMR (Digital Re-Mastering) is a revolutionary technology that allows transfer of 35 mm format film into the IMAX 70 mm format, with outstanding display and sound quality.

Imported films screened at TMII's Imax Keong Emas Theater since 1984 were To Fly, Speed, The Dream is Alive, Beavers, Blue Planet, The First Emperor of China, To the Limit, The Secret of Life on Earth, Mexico, The Living Sea , Island Adventure, T-Rex: Back to the Cretaceous (Dinosaurs), Adrenaline Rush, Special Effects, Niagara, Forces of Nature, Grand Canyon, Mystic India, Dinosaur Giants of Patagonia, Wild Ocean, Journey to Mecca, Africa the Serengeti, Arabia. The most recent were Born to be Wild, and Flying Monsters.

The construction history of the Imax Theater Keong Emas was carried out on the initiative of Madam Tien Soeharto, and began operating on April 20, 1984. The Imax Theater of Keong Emas was intended as a means of educational recreation and to introduce Indonesia's natural wealth and its various cultures through the film of "Indonesia Indah".

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The giant screen used measures 21.5 x 29.3 meters, while the projector uses the IMAX 70 mm film format, with SoundSystems Sonics which can be operated with 2 systems (Maghnatech, and Digital CD).

The address of the Imax Theater Keong Emas is in Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, Jl Taman Mini I, Jakarta Timur. Phone 021-840 1021, 840 1036. Fax 021-840 1028. GPS Location : -6.304445, 106.890578, Waze. Open : 09.00 - 16.00. Ticket : Rp30.000, VIP / Balcony Rp50.000.

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