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Scout Guesthouse and Campground Cibubur

With a distance of only 14 km from Cawang UKI, Jakarta, and is accessible via Jagorawi Toll Road, Cibubur Scout Guesthouse and Campground [Bumi Perkemahan and Graha Wisata Pramuka Cibubur] gives a very attractive alternative for the citizens of the Greater Jakarta who want to enjoy outdoors by sleeping in tents and feel the warmth of a campfire in cold nights.

After leaving Cibubur exit toll gate for about 500 meters away, the vehicle that we rode in turned to the left. A moment later we already saw ticket counter to enter the Bumi Perkemahan and Graha Wisata Pramuka Cibubur, better known by locals with an acronym of Buperta Cibubur.

A few meters after passing through the Buperta gate, we passed marketing office of the facility on the right side of the road. It's the place where visitors can meet Buperta officials if they want to reserve a place to camp, both for individuals or large groups. Visitors can also ask anything related to facilities available to visitors.

The area of Cibubur Scout Guesthouse and Campground is really vast, that it could take half a day to see at a glance all of the existing facilities, and certainly much longer if you want to enjoy them one by one. It’s understandable as, for the area which previously was a rubber plantation and turned into variety of shady trees, it reaches 210 ha.

Scout Guesthouse and Campground

Football field at the Cibubur Scout Guesthouse and Campground that located across the marketing office with the length of more than 200 meters. The open and spacious field can also be used for other purposes as long as not being used by others, and in accordance with rules set by the manager. At least jogging can be done here.

In addition to the very spacious camping spots and the relatively large pool, there are also a mosque, temple, and church, which located all adjacently close in one area, about 750 meters away to the north from the end of the football field. There are also chapel and monastery building in the vicinity.

To the northwest within the Cibubur Scout Guesthouse and Campground complex there is Saka Bhayangkara Traffic Park which covers an area of 4800 m2, where I saw a group of kindergarten children accompanied by their teachers were learning traffic signs and road markings in actual sizes.

Scout Guesthouse and Campground

The photo shows several tents that had been installed in one of the camp site locations, along with its plastic pedestals. The Cibubur Scout Guesthouse and Campground visitors have options to rent tents starting with capacity for 6 people up to 300 people, with prices starting from Rp 50,000 to Rp. 300,000 per night.

All equipment and camping needs can be rented by visitors at Cibubur Scout Guesthouse and Campground, from plastic sheeting, camp bed, firewood, podium, platform, stage, gong, bamboo rafters, sound system, megaphone, extra lights, marquee, tent cafe, chairs, tables, and flagpole. If needed, plastic sheeting can be rented separately.

Tents were ready for use in several areas, complete with plastic mats that prevent water seepage. The camp site is divided into Male and Female District that each has 40 ha area wide and divided into five villages respectively. Village pavilion has a measurement of 9 x 18 M with a capacity of 100 people per unit. In every building there is a field of 100x100 m Hall for ceremonies or group activities. Number of toilets in Buperta are 66 units.

Area of the campground is quite large, it could take half a day to see at at glance all the locations, and certainly much longer if you want to enjoy them all. Understandably that the area was previously a rubber plantation and as of now there are lots of variety of trees that shaded the 210 ha vast area.

Rows of simple food stalls that form a horseshoe shape is located near the church, or in the north side of the mosque. Many peeled grass that created red soil, rows of stalls without style, made me reluctant to stop by. If only the designs were more interesting, with the same costs, it could give much different results.

However, Cibubur Scout Guesthouse and Campground provides almost everything that people needs to get close to nature, friends and family. In this place there are also soutbound, paintball, and mountaineering. Area of Kampung Maen is located at the northern end of the compound, and on the East side there are Arboretum Forest, fishing site, and Lake Situ Baru.

Scout Guesthouse and Campground Scout Guesthouse and Campground Scout Guesthouse and Campground Scout Guesthouse and Campground

In addition to the camp site with a wide selection of sizes, Cibubur Scout Guesthouse and Campground also provides standard accommodation in the form of AC and Non AC rooms, with a capacity of 230 beds. Rather plenty. There was also a guest house located within the area of the camp, which provides rooms with or without AC.

Address of Cibubur Scout Guesthouse and Campground is Buperta compound, Cibubur, East Jakarta, Telp 021-8444948, 844 5449, 844 5850, Fax 021-845 5282, 844 5731. E-mail. GPS Location -6.366642, 106.901178, Waze. Swimming pool and water bike open 09.00 – 16.00 every day. Entrance: Scout Rp3,000, Student (Kindergarten up to High School) Rp4,000, Public Rp6,000, Car Rp8,000, Bus/Truck Rp15,000, Motorcycle Rp5,000.

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