Komunitas Salihara Gallery, South Jakarta

The atmosphere in the area of Komunitas Salihara Gallery, South Jakarta, on Friday night was quite comfortable as I waited until the doors of Salihara Theater were opened. At that time we were there to watch a monologue show titled "Perempuan di Titik Nol" (Women on Zero Point).

While waiting to watch the show I had the opportunity to photograph some of artworks and installations that were on display in the not-so-extensive gallery. Some of them were also displayed outside the gallery. The exhibition themed "From Prison to Frame" was held from 17 October to 6 December 2008. It has been a long time ago.

Nevertheless a work of art often does not recognize age. If you are familiar with them, then the recognition are sometimes more on commercial dimensions, especially when artists producing the artworks were no longer exists, which then raised its commercial value. The value of history was then rewarded with nominal money that is often only enjoyed by traders and investors.

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The very impressive installation work of Nus Solomon at Salihara Community Gallery, titled "Legacy Cacoon". Nus Solomon, an architect at the Bandung Institute of Technology, is an artist born in Medan, North Sumatra, on May 9, 1967.

Big cocoons hung from the ceiling, with beautiful looking lighting arrangements. The cocoon represents a process of transformation from one life form to another, with a higher level, achieved through the practice of ascetic.

salihara gallery
Agapetus installation work at Salihara Community Gallery, entitled "Sisyphus", a name derived from Greek mythology. Agapetus A. Kristiananda, an alumnus of ISI Yogyakarta, was born in Yogyakarta on August 6, 1968. He was awarded the Philip Morris Indonesia Art Award in 2000.

Sisyphus was a king in the Kingdom of Ephyra (now known as Corinth) who was punished for his chronic trickery. He was forced to push a large rock up to the top of a hill, only to watch it slided back down and he had to repeat it again, forever. Komunitas Salihara is an arts center that began to emerge since August 08, 2008, and is called the first non-governmental multidisciplinary art center in Indonesia. Salihara Community Complex consists of four main buildings, namely Salihara Theater, Salihara Gallery, Anjung Salihara and office space.

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The installation work in the form of a rattan chair (in Java also known as penjalin) that looked old and broken here and there is titled "Testimony I" which is exhibited in the Salihara Community Gallery at that time. The creator was S. Malela Mahargasari who worked in Tempo magazine and held a number of positions there.

In the right background is a picture painting of Sutan Syahrir, Bung Karno, and Bung Hatta. All three men had been exiled by Dutch colonialist to Prapat after the second Dutch military action. According to the story of Hatta, there Bung Karno often makes Sjahrir annoyed because he always sang loudly every time he bathed. One day Sjahrir shouted, "Hou je mond, man!" (Shut your mouth, man!), Which upset Bung Karno and got angry at Sjahrir.

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Figurative portrait paintings entitled "Red, green, blue (Debus II Tan Malaka)" which is the work of Edo Pillu and exhibited at Komunitas Komunitas Salihara. The famous painter whose full name is Edward Pilliang was born in Yogyakarta in 1968, and is an alumnus of ISI Yogyakarta. His work extends to the international level.

Other works of art on display are "No Title" made by Hanafi. The writing on the painting is: I have twice entered Dutch colonial prison. during which my fate is just ordinary. It means to go to the jail just go, until the appointed time to get out. while in prison was required to work. Point! But in Japan's jail was much different. I saw, my husband melted the tears. That's the first time I saw him cry. Why? Of course I answered it myself. maybe he was thinking of his two months old baby. If I died and he died because of torture, surely the baby's death probability might be greater. Because before I was captured by Japan, my house was guarded by 8 (8) people. We could not get in nor get out and were not allowed to receive guests. (S.K. Trimurti)

Another Hanafi work on display at Komunitas Salihara Gallery was "Kami Ingin" (We Want), containing the words in Stella's letter to Kartini. Then there is the "Do not push me" installation work of Teguh Ostenrik and "Myth or No (Shirt's Flag)" the installation work of Mella Jaarsma.

It was an inspiration to witness the painting exhibitions and the installation works of the impressive Indonesian artists at Salihara Community Gallery. They are contributors of the soft side of life that will strengthen the existence and uniqueness of the nation's culture compared to other nations in the world.

Komunitas Salihara Gallery

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