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Buperta's Swimming Pool

The article of Buperta's Swimming Pool [Kolam Renang Buperta] is an additional notes of Cibubur's Scout Guesthouse and Campground, as the swimming pool is one of the complementary facilities within the vast area of Buperta. The family tourism area provides a number of quite good public facilities.

There is actually nothing that special about the Buperta's Swimming Pool, just standard facility, but the environment is beautiful, clean, and well maintained, as shown in the photo at the beginning of the post. However some parts of the compound were already needed to get a facelift.

Although since childhood I was already familiar with nice swimming pool, especially when we were still living in Jatinom, Klaten, Central Java, but I had never learned how to swim properly. There were many natural pools with very clear water flew out from wellsprings around Jatinom that we used to visit, among other is Umbul Jolotundo. Still, water tourism or sports had never been my favorite's spots, even they had to be avoided whenever possible.

buperta's swimming pool

A corner's view of the swimming pool that was made at a higher ground than rest of the areas which gives a good impression. The water was clear and the area was quite spacious to accommodate many people. The pool is intended for adults, but there's one for children at the other side of the area.

What's so special about the swimming pool was the lady officer who, though some of her hair were already grey, still looked energetic, and vibrant. The lady, named Neni, allowed me to look inside of the area and to take some photographs without paying entrance fee. However, she did not allow two young men to enter the area for free even they just wanted to meet their friends who were swimming in the pool.

buperta's swimming pool

View of the pool's left area with row of simple chairs and tables that although rather old but looked clean. No trash were seen littered along the concave surface to the other end. Neni maintained the Buperta's Swimming Pool cleanliness quite well.

Although there were also seats on the other side of the swimming pool, but considering the huge camp area of Buperta that could accommodate thousands of people, Neni might be in trouble to provide enough seats if just 10% of them came to the swimming pool.

There was also a large umbrella seat by the pool, as well as gazebos in some spots. Buperta's Swimming Pool had varying depth pools, that were 155 cm, 105 cm, and 85 cm. There wass also a current pool with a depth of 80 cm, as well as a pool for children with the depth of 60 cm.

The beauty of this pool environment might not be separated from the touch of Neni's hands who had been in charge for 32 years. During that time she walked from her house to the swimming pool, which distance was rather far. No wonder she looked very healthy.

At the back end of the area there's children's pool, with s current pool snaking in the middle ground. Beautiful and clean environments were also visible in that area. Looking at the layout, the kids seem to be happy to take a dip in this place after a visit to Buperta's Traffic Park.

In addition to individuals, Buperta's Swimming Pool also accepts groups of 50 or more, providing flexibility for the opening hours of service which was normally opened at 08.00 and closing at 15.00. I took the opportunity to take some photos of Neni in several locations. The lady was very friendly, talkative, so it was fun to talk to.

buperta's swimming pools buperta's swimming pools buperta's swimming pools buperta's swimming pools buperta's swimming pools buperta's swimming pools

Neni said that she did not use chlorine for the treatmen of water that came from a lake. Instead, Neni used alum and kaporit (Calcium hypochlorite, there's still Cl elemet though), with certain composition to maintain clarity and acidity. It was when doing trials and errors that made her had headaches, before she finally found the right mixture.

Address of Buperta's Swimming Pool Cibubur is at Buperta Cibubur complex, East Jakarta. Telp 021-8444948, 844 5449, 844 5850. Fax 021-845 5282, 844 5731. GPS Location : -6.365314,106.897509, Waze ( smartphone Android dan iOS ). Open : 08.00 - 15.00. Map of Jakarta, Destinations in Jakarta, Hotel in East Jakarta.

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