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A visit to Wapres

Sorry, you might think that Wapres is the famous Wakil Presiden (the Vice President). It's not. I'm not that important, yet, to have the opportunity to visit the second most important person in the country. Wapres stands for Warung Apresiasi (thanks to mademoizell3 for the correction). A cozy place where every night people can enjoy good food at good price, while enjoying performances of new group bands that show off their skills.

Wapres is located at around the back of Blok M Plaza, near Bulungan sport center. I went there last night (Friday, November 30) because Komunitas LKers will again organize another ririungan (gathering) on Sunday, February 17, 2008, in conjunction with the celebration of the Valentine's Day, the Day for Lovers. Wapres was chosen to house the event.

Leo Kristi's songs, especially the ones contain love themes will be performed by LKers. This time around, however, LKers has a plan to invite Leo Kristi to take stage and sing a few of his love songs. Hence, you'd better put the date in your calendar, and join us at Wapres. You just need to pay for the food, and saweran (voluntary contribution) at your will.

I heard Wapres name about two months ago from fellow LKers, and hence I needed to see it by myself. I was accompanied by jeng Yoosca and she introduced me to Mas Nurhadi and Mas Yoyi. Nice persons in their late 40s or early 50s. We agreed to use the sound systems for Rp.500,000 and pre-ordered ayam bakar (chicken grilled, Wapres speciality) at only Rp.12,000 per pax. We will also provide coffee and tea.

Wapres is a u-shape resto with simple furniture and decoration that can accommodate up to 100 visitors, with around 4x4 meters stage in the middle of the resto, complete with sound systems and musical instruments ready to be played, except for keyboard and percussions.

While awaiting jeng Yoosca, I ordered ribs soup and a bottle of Aqua. I was not that hungry actually, but I just wanted to try the food. The taste was fantastic, and the price was quite reasonable. Later, jeng Yoosca ordered teh poci (hot tea in a clay teapot) and french fries. We also tried the delicious crispy fried otak-otak, even though we didn't finish it.

At nine sharp the music performance was started. The first group band on stage was the senior one. They were four of them, the lead vocal with accoustic guitar, a person with Bob Marley type of hair at bass, another person at electric guitar, and the last one was at drum. I asked jeng Yoosca the personnel names, and in fact I was introduced to the lead vocal, but sorry I didn't make notes. Their music and lyric was okay. It reminded me to Gombloh, rather than to Leo Kristi.

The sound system was good enough. It's fit for the size of the place. We just need to bring another amplifier for accoustic guitar and a few more microphones.

There were three bands that would perform at that night, but we left after the second band finished their first song. The group bands that performed on Friday evening, were selected from those that performed in the previous four days. The unique thing was that the group bands must perform their original compositions.

It's a nice place to hang out with close friends. When you have time, therefore, please pay a visit to Wapres to enjoy the atmosphere and the food. It's worth for the money and the time spent.

, seorang pejalan musiman dan penyuka sejarah. Penduduk Jakarta yang sedang tinggal di Cikarang Utara. Diperbarui: December 01, 2007.

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