The funny Quickie Express

I went to Setiabudi building this afternoon after dropping off Dewi at Mal Ambasador to take knitting course. The original purpose was only to pick up my Fujitsu sub-notebook at Fujitsu service center. I replaced the deteriorated touch mouse, the two broken hinges, and the totally unreadable bad sectors hard disk. It seems that it fell down, and the cost of the negligence was Rp.2.2 million.

Then came the idea of taking lunch, as it's noon time already. After taking a delicious hot dog "economic" set lunch at the second floor, which was not economic at all as it costed me Rp.40,000, then came another idea, watching movie. Being alone didn't stop me to move my legs to the cinema at the third floor. I was recommended by a friend to watch Quickie Express, a movie directed by Dimas Djayadiningrat.

The smart metropolitan satire adult life comedy are played by Tora Sudiro as Jojo, Amink as Marley -seemingly because of his hair style-, Lukman Sardi as Piktor (popular acronym of pikiran kotor, a dirty mind).

I arrived just in time, as when I was on the way to the ticketing box, the announcer was informing the moviegoers that the theater 4 door has been opened. I sat quitely at the E-row, as there was no one to talk to.

From the beginning shots until the end, it loaded with lots of scenes that made my teeth and my mouth completely dried up, and my stomach aching happily. The movie not only gives nutrition for the eyes, but for the mind and heart as well.

The crossed-eyed supervisor with unique heavy local dialect who gives instruction to Jojo on how to safely clean the floor is quite funny and entertaining. Whilst the instruction is simple and clear, but Jojo still screws it up.
He's a perfect loser, until life brings him to Mudakir, the Hunter for male escort or gigolo, played solidly by Tino Saroengallo, both in vocal and act.

The funniest scenes are those in the gigolos' training rooms, from the full size woman body sex doll to the scenes when an instructor teaches Jojo, Marley and Piktor erotic dance. The erotic dance is quite refreshing, even for males. I was just wondering of what's in the women minds when they're watching it.

Praise shall be awarded to senior actors such as Ira Maya Sopha, Rudy Wowor and Tio Pakusadewo who showed their quality of acts and vocals. Ira plays Mona, wife of a mafia boss Jan Pieter Gunarto (Rudy Wowor), who demands exclusive gigolo service from Jojo and later falls in love with him.

Jojo, however, falls in love with Lila, played charmfully by a new comer Sandra Dewi, who happens to be Mona's daughter. Jojo just knew the bitter fact when he's invited to celebrate Lila's birthday at her familiy's home.

Life becomes more complicated to Jojo when Jan Pieter Gunarto, who's a gay, also falls in love with him. Jojo brings back Jan's memories of his dead boyfriend, who was murdered by Jan's bodygurd because of jealousy. I didn't recognize Tio Pakusadewo who played convincingly as the cruel body guard until my daughter told me.

Quickie Express is definitely the best movie that I saw since Nagabonar-2. The script writer, Joko Anwar, definitely deserves to get a praise for the smart script. It's not totally perfect I should say, as there could be few improvements here and there. Nia Dinata, through her Kalyana Shira Films that produced the movie, deserves also a praise for exploring the uncommon theme of juicy underground lives in big cities like Jakarta.

The movie has been more than a week in the cinema, since November 22. If you haven't got a chance to see it, do go to your favorite place to watch it. It's highly recommended, a 4.5 stars movie out of 5.

, seorang pejalan musiman dan penyuka sejarah. Penduduk Jakarta yang sedang tinggal di Cikarang Utara. Diperbarui: December 01, 2007.

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