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Peugeot launches six e-bikes in Crossover eT01 line

Peugeot launches six new e-bikes in Crossover eT01 line that combine trail-ruggedness with urban riding. The French automotive manufacturer seems to be serious about its e-bikes, with already a wide line of electric mountain bikes, electric folders, city e-bikes and road e-bikes.

Following the industry's trend towards trekking e-bikes, Peugeot’s new e-bikes combine the best of mountain bikes and city bikes in set of do-anything urban e-bikes. It starts with the Crossover eT01 D9, available in a high-step (Sport) or mid-step (Mixt) frame style.

It features a Bosch Active Line mid-drive motor that gets paired with a Bosch PowerTube 400 Wh battery, that brings you 110 km on a single charge, presumably in the lowest pedal assist setting. The bike uses Hutchinson Python 2 tires with aggressive knobbies and sports Shimano MT201 hydraulic disc brakes. The Crossover eT01 D9 is priced at €2,499 (about US$2,900), including EU VAT.

Peugeot launches new line crossover e-bikes with Bosch mid-drive motors

The higher line is the Peugeot Crossover eT01 D10 Equipped, with a larger Bosch Performance CX mid-drive motor, and fully equipped bike with LED lights, mudguards and rear rack, plus an upgrade to higher-spec Shimano Deore components. Even though it gets a 20% increase in capacity with PowerTube 500 Wh battery, but the max range stays the same at 110 km.

The Peugeot Crossover eT01 D10 is available in the high-step (Sport) or mid-step (Mixt) frame styles, priced at €3,299 (about US$3,800) including EU VAT.

Next level is Peugeot Crossover eT01 FS, designed for those who want to get a little more aggressive with choice of terrain. It adds full suspension with front and rear travel of 80 mm, Bosch Active Line motor and PowerTube 400 Wh battery for standard model, priced at €3,299 (about US$3,800) including EU VAT.

The flagship model is The Peugeot Crossover eT01 FS Equipped which combines the Bosch Performance CX motor, PowerTube 500 Wh battery and full suspension frame, as well as LED light package, mudguards and rack, which bives you the ultimate fully-equipped electric trekking bike for both the city and occasional off-road excursions. The Peugeot Crossover eT01 FS Equipped is priced at €3,999 (US$4,660) including EU VAT. Source and more photos at

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