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Twitter's Web App New Features Released

Twitter has officially announced new features in its Twitter's Web App that makes possible for users to save tweets as drafts and to schedule new tweets. While saving tweet as draft is rather familiar, but scheduling a tweet is certainly not many people are aware of.

As of November las year, there were 330 million monthly active users and 145 million daily active users on Twitter. About 63 percent of all Twitter users worldwide were ages between 35 and 65. As comparison, at approximately the same time there were about 600 million blogs out of 1.6 billion websites in the world .

Third-party platforms such as Tweetdeck have offered scheduled Tweets, just like what people have been doing in Blogger or WordPress platform for a very long time. Twitter, however, just started experimenting in November 2019, by giving access to a small group of users to use the features. It took six months until all Twitter's users have full access to use the features.

Twitter's Web App New Features Released

Using Twitter's web app, a tweet draft can be created simply by tapping X and Save it for later review. When users are ready to review the draft, click Unsent Tweets, make changes as appropriate, and immediately tweet or schedule it for later tweet.

Drafts created on Web App, however, are accessible via desktop only. Likewise, drafts made in mobile app, can only be reviewed and published through mobile phone. As of today, sync between platform is not available.

To schedule a tweet, tap the calendar icon located next to the emoji symbol to select a date, time, and timezone, then tap Confirm and Schedule. The timezone setting is particularly useful when traveling in a place with different timezone from hometown.

As mentioned in PC Magazine, it's been a rough week for Twitter as its fact-checked to Donald Trump's tweets had made the president issued an executive order to regulate U.S. social media companies with the goal to amend an existing law shielding internet companies from lawsuits over illegal or objectionable content.

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