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Temples in Jakarta

The post contains a number of travelogue and a full list of Temple in Jakarta, which are of interests to visit not only by their followers to pray, but also for anyone who wants to see and admire the Chinese cultural heritage with hundreds years of history.

Temples become center of attractions during Chinese New Year celebration festivals, and on the anniversaries of the temples as well. Various cultural performances can now be held freely, including shows and Barongsay parades, Potehi puppet performances, and other attractions. Those attractions were banned during New Order era.

Temple in Jakarta

1. Bahtera Bhakti Temple »
Jl Pantai Sanur 5, as old ad Jin De Yuan temple, the visitors are not allowed to bring pork to the temple grounds.

2. Budi Mulya Temple
Jalan Sinar Budi Gang M-48, North Jakarta

3. Chen Shi Zu Miao Temple »
Jl. Blandongan 97, near Jin De Yuan, built in 1757, hosted by Chen Yuan-guang.

4. Da Bo Gong Temple »
Jl Pejagalan II, West Jakarta

5. In Cang Yuan Temple »
Also known as Tri Ratna monastery, Jl. Lautze No. 64, built in 1789 in honor of Lord King of Hell. There is an inscriptions dated 1761 AD.

6. Hok Tek Sin Tjeng Temple »
Amurva Bhumi Vihara, located in an alley on Jl. Prof.Dr.Satrio 2 (Jl. Casablanca), Setiabudi.

7. Fu De Gong Temple
Jalan Pasar Lama No. 35, West Jatinegara, East Jakarta

8. Han Thian Siang Tee Temple »
Jl Palmerah Barat 5, West Jakarta

9. Jin De Yuan Temple »
Jl. Kemenangan III No. 13 (Petak 9), Glodok, one of the oldest temples in the capital region.

10. Han Thian Siang Tee Temple »
Jl. Palmerah Barat 5, adjacent to Palmerah market, since the 18th century; there are two Muslim leaders' graves.

11. Kong Miao Temple »
Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, Jl. Raya Taman Mini, East Jakarta

12. Kwan Te Kong Temple
Jl Fahrudin No. 17, Central Jakarta

13. Li Tie Guai Temple »
Jl. Perniagaan, built in 1812 by the union of Chinese medicine experts when there was a change of power between the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

14. Lo Cia Bio Temple
Jalan Duri I # 18 A Cibunar, Central Jakarta

15. Lu Pan Bio Temple »
Jl Pinangsia I No 47, Glodok, built in 1842 by people who came from Guangdong region of China.

16. Sin Tek Bio Temple »
Vihara Dharma Jaya, in Pasar Baru area and hence also known as Pasar Baru Temple, established in 1698, access from the alley between Plaza Metro Atom and herbal shops Nyonya Meneer.

17. Nan Jing Miao Temple »
Gang Lamceng, Jl Perniagaan Barat, accessible from Jalan Tambora 8 on the left side of Opak River, built by lieutenant Tee Liang Hoey in 1824.

18. Siu Kong Bio
Jalan Teluk Gong A-1 No. 19, North Jakarta

19. Tian Hou Gong »
South Bandengan

20. Toa Se Bio »
Vihara Dharma Jaya, Jl. Victory III # 48, built in 1751, after the Dutch burned it in the massacre of 1740; there's also a stone inscription dated 1752.

21. Wan Jie Si »
Kubur Batu Temple, Jl. Lautze 38, with art deco style which was originally the home of Fredrik Julius Coyet founded in 1736.

22. You Mi Hang »
Jl. Pejagalan, Pakojan, Tambora, originally a temple communion of oil and rice traders Pasar Pagi, built in 1823, moved in at the end of the 19th century.

, seorang pejalan musiman dan penyuka sejarah. Penduduk Jakarta yang sedang tinggal di Cikarang Utara. Diperbarui: October 10, 2017.

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