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Jakarta Cathedral Church, Central Jakarta

Jakarta Cathedral Church is located in Jl. Katedral 7, Central Jakarta, right in front of the Istiqlal Mosque. Jakarta Cathedral Church, the largest Catholic church in Jakarta, is also known by the official name of Gereja Santa Perawan Diangkat ke Surga (Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Church).

The original building was inaugurated in February 1810, and became the residence of General de Kock, donated by Du Bus. In the 1820s the building was used as the office of the Department of Defense of the Dutch East Indies.

On July 27, 1826, the building was burned along with 180 houses in its vicinity. Building form was overhauled at the proposal Jr. Tromp to be used as a church, and began to be used since 1929 after being blessed by L. Prinsen Pr, the second apostolic prefect. The new building was 34 meters long and 15.4 meters wide and decorated with small towers on its axis.

In 1859-1879 there was a total renovation of the bell tower and moved to the top of the front side, and first used on May 31, 1880. When the roof collapsed on April 9, 1890, it was decided to dismantle the old cathedral and build new ones.

Having obtained permission in 1891, the Chinese builders tore down the old building and groundbreaking foundation was conducted by Carolus Provicaris Wenneker that year using preliminary draft that was made by Pastor Anthony Dijkmans. The construction that had been halted in 1898 due to lack of funds, was continued on January 16, 1899, thanks to fund-raising efforts by Mgr. Luypen SJ involving Cuypers-Hulswit in the execution.

Jakarta Cathedral Church (De Kerk van Onze Lieve Vrouwe ten Hemelopneming) was blessed by Mgr. Edmundus Sybradus Luypen, SJ, Apostolic Vicar of Jakarta on 21 April 1901. The church is called cathedral because in it there Catedra, or bishop's throne. In 1988 the Cathedral was again totally renovated and installed new larger organ.

Architecture of Jakarta Cathedral Church shows neo-gothic style, with a cross-shaped building plans with a length of 60 meters and width of 20 meters, as well as the 5-meter-high balcony of 7 meters on both sides. Construction of buildings of thick bricks made by plaster and patterned natural stone like structure, was done by a mason from Kwongfu, China.

Jakarta Cathedral Church has three towers of iron, which are Barbican David Tower, the Ivory Tower and Angelus Dei Tower. The lower parts of the towers were imported from the Netherlands and the upper parts were made in the Willhelmina workshop, Batavia.

In the ivory tower there is a clock with an inscription reads Van Arcken & Co. on its engine, a small bell donated by Chasse, as well as the largest bell named Wilhelmus a gift of J.H. de Wit. At Barbican David Tower there is also a bell, a gift from Clemens George Marie van Arcken.

In the courtyard of the church there's a statue of Christ the King, and in the side yard there's Goa Maria (Mary Cave) which looks similar to Goa Maria Lourdes France. At the main entrance door of the church there is a statue of Mary with the words "Me Beatam Dicentes Omnes" (All descendants call me happy), and above the main gate there's Rozeta, a window patterned Rosa Mystica as a symbol of the Virgin Mary.

Gereja Katedral Jakarta

Adress: Jl. Kathedral No. 7, Jakarta Pusat. GPS Location: -6.169334, 106.832822, Waze. Phone 021-3519186. Related: Map of Jakarta . Destinations in Jakarta . Hotel in Central Jakarta.

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