Sunda Kelapa Grand Mosque, Central Jakarta

Oleh Bambang Aroengbinang. October 10, 2017
Sunda Kelapa Grand Mosque (often abbreviated as MASK) is located in Menteng area, Central Jakarta, just a few dozen meters away to the south of Suropati Park through Jalan Subang and turn right at the intersection with Jalan Sunda Kelapa.

The establishment initiator of Sunda Kelapa Grand Mosque construction is Alamsya Ratu Prawiranegara when he was on duty at the State Secretariat. In 1966 the construction of the mosque was begun by forming a construction committee headed by H. BR Motik.

It was Jakarta Governor Ali Sadikin who gave permission for to the mosque construction committee to use the land at Taman Sunda Kelapa as the location of the mosque. Laying the first stone of the mosque construction was done on December 21, 1969. The inauguration of the mosque was carried out by Jakarta Governor Ali Sadikin on March 31, 1971.

Upstairs part of the Sunda Kelapa Grand Mosque is used as the center of worship rooms, lectures and recitals. While downstairs are used for ablution, wedding reception hall, offices, a library, meeting rooms, and Islamize event.

In front of Sunda Kelapa Grand Mosque there are stalls and food stalls that usually crowded with office workers who come to have lunch in that place, and also crowded by pilgrims before and after taking prayers at the mosque.

Here is list of rental fee in 2013.
Sakinah hall (capacity 700 people maximum)
- Friday - Sunday & holidays Rp 12,500,000
- Monday - Thursday (except holidays) Rp 7,500,000
- Booking Fee 50%

Leases for Mosque Garden Rp.300,000
- Morning 7:00 to 14:00
- Evening 15:00 to 22:00

The facilities obtained are:
- Worship Space for wedding ritual, for 1 hour.
- Chairs (plus cover), 150 units.
- Dressing rooms, 2 rooms (men & women), air conditioning.
- Sound system (plus 2 Microphone)
- Reception desk, 2 Units
- Carpet, 40 meters.
- Stage
- Security officer
- Janitor
- Kitchen (Pantry)
- Crowd Permit.

Main Worship Space Rental Fee
The marriage ceremony (1 hour), Monday - Sunday Rp 3,500,000, with 50% booking fee
Amenities (Special wedding ritual):
- Sound System with 4 Microphone (3 Wireless, 1 cable)
- Reception desk, 1 Unit
- Tables & Chairs for Akad Nikah (plus cloths)
- Tapestry
- Janitor
- Air Conditioner
- Parents Chair 6 Unit

Rental costs Jayakarta foyer (capacity 200 people maximum)
- Monday - Sunday (holiday) Rp 5,000,000, with a 50% booking fee
- Worship Space for Akad Nikah, for 1 hour
- Chairs (plus cover), 75 units
- Dressing Room, 1 air-conditioned room
- Fan
- Sound Sustem (plus 2 Microphone)
- Reception desk, 2 Units
- Carpet Street, 20 meters
- Security officer
- Janitor
- The kitchen (pantry)
- Licensed Hustle

Round Room rental fee - Islamic Center (capacity 75 people maximum)
Monday - Thursday Rp 1,000,000.00
Friday - Sunday & Holidays Rp 1.500.000,00
- Air Conditioning (AC)
- Sound System (plus 3 microphone)
- Janitor
- Seats 60 Learning Unit
- Security officer

Sunda Kelapa Grand Mosque

Address: Jalan Taman Sunda Kelapa Nomor 16, Menteng, Central Jakarta. GPS Location: -6.201632, 106.832793, Waze. Phone 021-31934261, 3101287, 3100580, 3148541. Fax 021-39899710. Related: Map of Jakarta . Destinations in Jakarta . Hotel in Central Jakarta.
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