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Rahmat International Wildlife Museum & Gallery, Medan

Rahmat International Wildlife Museum & Gallery is a very interesting and unique tourist destination in the city of Medan, North Sumatra. The museum and gallery stores various marvelous collections consists of a variety of preserved wild animals derived from personal
hunting activities by the owner in many places around the world.

Around more than 2,000 animals, large and small in size, were very artistically and elegantly arranged in accordance with their natural habitat in full air-conditioned rooms in the building of Rahmat International Wildlife Museum & Gallery. The location of the rare museum and gallery is located in a building on Jl. S. Parman 309, Medan, North Sumatra.

Rahmat International Wildlife Museum & Gallery in Medan City, which is said to be the first wildlife gallery in Southeast Asia region, is the property of Rahmat Shah, a businessman and a professional hunter. Rahmat is the first Indonesian to receive awards and international recognition as The Big Five Grand Slam Awards and World Hunting Awards.

rahmat international wildlife museum gallery
The facade and the entrance to Rahmat International Wildlife Museum & Gallery at that time, which may be today has been upgraded with better appearance. Ticketing box was on the right of parking lot. Admission was Rp.25,000 per person, plus 10,000 for visiting night safari corner, only if you want to see it, and Rp.20,000 if you want to photograph.

At the front part of the museum and gallery, there are several pieces of memorabilia or mementos on display on the table and the wall, adjacent to a portion of the imppressive collection of Rahmat International Wildlife Museum & Gallery. Collection of birds, placed in a group called Pheasants of the World, were laid out in a very artistic way.

rahmat international wildlife museum gallery
There was also an interesting museum collection entitled The African Big Five, or five large animals from Africa, consisting of Bull, Elephant, Cheetah, White Rhino and Lion. The collection of African Big Five was one of the most impressive displays at this museum. Cheetahs do not live in Indonesia, and White Rhino most likely does not exist here.

Seeing all of the wild and rare animals were already in state of lifeless will certainly induce a feeling of pity and uneasiness. But all living things in this world eventually will certainly die, and to maintain all the rare animals alive outside their natural habitat would require a very extensive place and the cost will be much more expensive too.

rahmat international wildlife museum gallery
Mountain goats with beautiful curved horns is in the collection group of The Goats of Mountain in Rahmat International Wildlife Museum & Gallery. The arrangements of various collections of animals in accordance with their natural habitat, and animals on display were all original and in excellent conditions, were the main strength of this museum.

In the professional hunting world, it is sad that the death of all the animals have been set carefully by the manager or the hunting ground owner who has been observing the principles of conservation. That's the justification of the planned murder of these animals by professional hunters. It may be true, but killing is not really a nice hobby.

rahmat international wildlife museum gallery
Various types of cats, whether they are small or large in size, were grouped in a collection of Cats of the World. Animals such as Tiger, Leopard, Cheetah, Lion and the like are all strong wild beasts, but their survival are in great danger by the rapid growth of human settlements and by unbelievably fast deforestation in many parts of the world.

At the end of the display rooms in Rahmat International Wildlife Museum & Gallery compound I also had a brief chance to see a collection of The Night Safari, organized in a way that we are observing the wild animals in the forest at night. That's interesting. With all that it has, this museum is a must visit if you are visiting the city of Medan, North Sumatera.

Most, if not all, of the animals kept at the Rahmat International Wildlife Museum & Gallery were collected by the owner of the museum himself from his various authorized hunting activities, using the world standard concept Conservation by Utilization. Standard for the prevention of extinction and to increase wildlife populations in their native habitat.

Rahmat International Wildlife Museum & Gallery features a library species of animals and their habitats from various countries. There are also a Gift Shop, Hunters Cafe with Audio Visual on poaching conservation, Studio Photo by professional photographers, and Multi Function Room on the 3rd floor with a collection of the legendary and maestro of the world.

Rahmat International Wildlife Museum & Gallery

Address : Jl Letjen S Parman 309, Medan. GPS : 3.5791, 98.66743, Waze. Phone: 061-4569964, Open : Tuesday to Sunday 09.00—17.00, close on Monday. Entrance ticket : Rp.32.000, kid Rp. 25.000; group of 25 persons or more: SD Rp. 9.500, SMP Rp. 16.000, University stundent Rp. 18.000.

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