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Tanjung Kait Beach, Tangerang

Tangerang Tanjung Kait Beach was visited a few months ago, with more relying on GPS navigation device. Tanjung Kait Beach is one of the farthest beach in Tangerang Regency, which is about 29.5 km from the center of the city of Tangerang. The GPS navigation did not guide me through Tangerang City, but through the city toll road.

From there we proceeded to the airport expressway, took exit toll gate at Dadap, then followed the road as far as 23 km from Dadap to Tanjung Kait, passed Jl Raya Salembaran, Jl Raya Kalibaru, Jl Village of Sukawati, Jl Tanjung Anom, then along the waterfront, passed local settlements, then through a narrow cement road in the middle of rice fields.

Soon after that we had seen the entrance gate of Tjoe Soe Kong Temple on the right side of the road. From the gate of the historic old temple there is still a distance of about 500 m to reach end of the road where there are few houses on stilts on the sea shores of Tangerang Tanjung Kait Beach that provide a variety of local seafood.

tanjung kait beach tangerang
Tanjung Kait Beach was seen with stilt houses made deliberately jutting into the sea where visitors can enjoy the scenery while dining. Wharves made by whole bamboo stems are used as a fishing boat moorings that can rented by travelers to ride the boat along the shore, or to cross to the island of Pulau Untung Jawa (Java Lucky Island).

The color of the sea water is brownish, and travelers who are visiting the Tanjung Kait Beach are not really for swimming, but more for relaxing on the house on stilts home while enjoying seafood cuisine, or fishing on the chart for those who're fans. Tanjung Kait Beach provides quite a lot of boats that meet the needs several group of visitors.

tanjung kait beach tangerang
A restaurant on stilts over the sea water of Tanjung Kait Beach which was sustained by hundreds of bamboo poles, with bamboo walls and thatched roof that looked quite traditional and exotic. There is a fairly long bamboo dock flanked by houses on stilts. The wind blow was not too strong at Tanjung Kait Beach, at least on that particular day.

The good thing was that Tanjung Kait Beach provided plenty good restaurants on stilts that give enough options for visitors as to where to enjoy the atmosphere of the beach or few moments to straighten their backs after spending a long time on the road. That day was not a weekend, so there were only few visitors seen at the Tanjung Kait Beach.

tanjung kait beach tangerang
At Tangerang Tanjung Kait Beach there is also a view towards two military radars facilities that are part of the Radar Unit of Indonesian Air Force under control of the National Air Defense Command. An article in Wikipedia mentions that the Air Force has at least 24 radar units which are scattered throughout the vast archipelago of Indonesia.

The Trip to Tangerang Tanjung Kait Beach can be considered was rather far from East Jakarta, but because of the long journey there's more pleasure when eating the local seafood with quite reasonable price. In addition to Tanjung Kait Beach, travelers can also stop by the Tjoe Soe Kong Temple, Tanjung Pasir Crocodile Breeding, and Tanjung Pasir Beach.

tanjung kait beach tangerang
In addition to the route that has been mentioned above, travelers can also pass through Jl Daan, turn right after Tangerang Children Prison, turn left onto Jl Buroq, further Jl Dr. Sitanala, turn left onto Jl Jembatan Pintu Sepeuluh, cross the bridge, turn right onto Jl Raya Sangego. Here visitors can stop by at Bendungan Pintu Air Sepuluh Tangerang.

Then follow the Jl Raya Sangego, turn left at the bridge, turn right after crossing the bridge. At the intersection turn right onto Jl Raya Mauk, after Sepatan market turn right into Jalan Paku Haji, turn left after passing the irrigation channel, at the end of the street turn left. On intersection, turn left into Jalan Desa Sukawati, follow this path.

Tangerang Tanjung Kait Beach

Address : Desa Tanjung Anom, Kecamatan Mauk, Tangerang Kabupaten. GPS : -6.012991, 106.537482, Waze ( smartphone Android and iOS ). Open : all day long. Entrance ticket : free. Reference : Peta Wisata Tangerang, Hotel di Tangerang, Tempat Wisata di Tangerang

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