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Petungkriyono Ecotourism, Pekalongan

A trip to the area of Pekalongan Petungkriyono Ecotourism took a rather long time, about one and a half hour from the city of Pekalongan with a distance of around 42 km. Petungkriyono Ecotourism is at the south end of Pekalongan Regency which borders the area of Batang Regency, Banjarnegara Regency and Wonosobo Regency.

The journey to the location Pekalongan Petungkriyono Ecotourism was considered quite smooth, only slowed down in a few crowded places. From Pekalongan City we headed south passing Jl HOS Cokroaminoto. In the area of Warungasem we turned right onto Jl Youth Field and continued to Jl Kedungkebo, and went further to Jl Raya Wanayasa - Pekalongan.

After passing through Doro market the road began to climb, and moments later we arrived at a Y-junction with "Welcome to Petungkriyono Ecotourism" sign at the entrance of the road downhill to the right. Petungkriyono is sub-district in Pekalongan Regency, at an altitude of 900-1600 meters above the sea level on the slopes of Mount Rogojembangan.

petungkriyono ecotourism pekalongan
Big tall shady trees as above were seen on both sides of the road and became prominent sights upon entering the area of Pekalongan Petungkriyono Ecotourism, with a relatively narrow road, up and down, and winding. Being in a very vast natural forest environment gave a special impression, especially for persons who live in big city.

The size of Petungkriyono area reached 5,000 hectares or more. In addition to natural forests, there are number of villages, which are located far apart with fertile rice fields. We saw some tail tail monkeys, hairy black monkey, far above on high trees, so it's quite difficult to photograph, as they always moving from branch to branch. Dodi (Pekalongan Bima Sakti car rental, 0856 4004 5111) who visited here before, took us to Kasuri's home in the hamlet of Sokokembang, Kayupuring village, in the area of Pekalongan Petungkriyono Ecotourism. Kasuri's house had become a kind of base camp for NGOs activists and those who want to explore the fauna and flora of Sokokembang Forest.

petungkriyono ecotourism pekalongan
A large poster abot Java gibbon and Sokokembang coffee was displayed at Kasuri's homes. There was nobody home when we arrived at the house, but Dodi managed to contact Wawan (Arif Setiawan), an NGO activist from Yogyakarta Primate Observer Study Group, so we waited at Kasuri's house until Wawan and Anto appeared there.

Wawan then prepared Sokokembang coffee drinks for Dodi and Wid, as well as palm sugar ginger for me. Wawan told us about the activities of his group in empowering the villagers around the area to keep dan protect Sokokembang forest, the a habitat of rare Java gibbon, by helping them to develop, process and sell powder and coffee beans. As part of the Pekalongan Petungkriyono Ecotourism project, Wawan also became a kind of facilitator for researchers or enthusiasts who want to conduct photo hunt of Java gibbon (Hylobates moloch) and other wildlife, such as Lutung Budeng (Trachypithecus auratus), Rekrekan (Presbytis fredericae), Long-tailed monkeys, Binturong, Civet, Eagle, etc.

petungkriyono ecotourism pekalongan
Coffee powder and coffee beans were produced by society of Pekalongan Petungkriyono Sokokembang Ecotourism, in collaboration with Wawan's NGOs, forestry, and government of Pekalongan Regency. Types of coffee which they developed were Robusta coffee. Wawan also made website of SwaraOwa and Twitter account swaraOwa to record their activities.

Petungkriyono Ecotourism apparently was still in the process of finding its stable form, even though it had been initiated since 2005 and was officially inaugurated on January 21, 2006. Adding and maintaining the facilities, improving service standards, and conducting promotion were still challenging, even though there were a lot of interesting places.

After having conversation for a while, we were then accompanied by Anto to adjacent village where there was a local person who managed rafting package of River Tubing and River Trekking along Welo River, approximately 2 km trek within the area of Petungkriyono Ecotourism. Big soft rubber tires and life jackets were scattered at his house.

Petungkriyono Ecotourism has a lot interesting tourist objects, scattered in a number of places, such as waterfall, and several historic relics. Although the location of those objects are rather far apart, but the incredibly beautiful natural scenery along the way has made Pekalongan Petungkriyono Ecotourism a favorite place in Pekalongan.

Pekalongan Petungkriyono Ecotourism

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