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Bajing Falls, Pekalongan

Trip to Pekalongan Bajing Waterfall passed a winding asphalt coated road with a view of vast lush rice fields and green blueish mountains. Bahing (Squirrel) Waterfall is located in the village of Tlogopakis, Petungkriyono Sub-District, Pekalongan regency, quite far from the hamlet of Sokokembang in Pekalongan Petungkriyono Ecotourism area we previously visited.

The asphalt coated road was winding sharply up and down, which can bring people up to Dieng plateau, was not wide but smooth, and so should be careful in driving car. Good thing was that we did not cross paths with bus or large truck. If Dodi had to be concentrating on the road, then we were spoiled with stunning views of the surrounding nature.

At several points I was tempted to stop and take photos, but the narrow roadside made me failed to do so. There was a cluster of tall trees attracted my attention, maybe some kind of old site, which unfortunately could only be seen from afar. Luckily there was a rather spacious spot when we saw very beautiful terraced waterfalls in far distance.

bajing falls pekalongan
The above beautiful scenery was taken using a tele-lens with a focal length of 200 mm and the result was cropped on its left and right side to obtain a closer look. On the right side there were very high three levels of waterfalls, with the third one located at the bottom was covered by the palm tree leaves. Unfortunately we could not visit there.

On the left side there's another rather tall waterfall as well. The Waterfalls looked like just came out from belly of the very sharp slope hills, far away on the right side of the road. The Location where I took photos of the waterfalls was on the main road, and was still far away from Pekalongan Bajing Waterfall, which is on the left side of the road. After continuing the journey, we arrived at an intersection, to the left towards Bajing Waterfall at a distance of 1.5 km and 3 km to Muncar Waterfall. Finally we arrived at parking area of Bajing Waterfall, with several simpe food stalls on its left. After paying admission, we walked along a footpath as far as 300 meters to the waterfall.

bajing falls pekalongan
Exquisite Bajing Waterfall was seen from a considerable distance at a bend of a path that was still in the waist of the hill. Water discharge looked still quite impressive despite being in the middle of dry season. This marks good preservation of ecosystem in the upstream, which was visible from the lush hills that had not been so badly destructed.

Before approaching the waterfall, we stopped by at a food stall strategically located at the hills with direct view towards Bajing Waterfall, and to mountains on the right. The stall keeper and owner, was a woman of 30+ years old with attractive appearance. We filled our stomach with boiled indomi with eggs, as that's what available there. After our stomachs were filled, Wid then went down the trail, passed several steps down hill, crossed an exotic bamboo bridge that spans over a river, and climbed again to approach the pool under the Bajing Waterfall. While I waited beside a large rock a few dozen meters away before the bridge, and took several photos from that location.

bajing falls pekalongan
Some visitors were seen sitting on the mound hill at the edge of the pool of Pekalongan Bajing Waterfall. Seeing the height of the waterfall, I'd guess that there's nothing to do there besides looking at the water fall and hear the roar of the water. Too dangerous to bathe in the pool because of lethal whirlpools and the depth of it.

The Height of Pekalongan Bajing Waterfall also made me think that splashed water fog near the pool would be rather thick so it would be not that easy to shoot from close range without making the camera wet. Wid, however, could get fairly good photos of a waterfall pool at a rather near distance, perhaps because the mountain wind was friendly.

Although as tourist destination the waterfall was developed not too long ago, but it seems that the fame of Petungkriyono Bajing Waterfall had already surpassed Muncar Waterfall which was opened earlier. Perhaps because the access is easier and closer. In the compound there's also a fairly large gazebo, which would be better to add some more.

There is a poster near ticket counter containing points of interest within Petungkriyono Sub-District. In the northernmost village of Kayupuring there are Sokokembang Forest, Sibedug waterfall, Owa Jawa Café, Welo River Treking, and Japan Waterfall. In Yosorejo there are Strawberry Gardens, campsite, View Post, Hall, Lawe Waterfall, and Mount Perbota.

In Tlogopakis there are Bajing Fall, Linga Yoni, Gedong Site, Tomb of Sheikh Maja Suta, Fishing Pond, Sriti Fall and Agro Tourism, campsite, Lawangan Fall, and Semar Hermitage. In Tlogorejo village there are Lake Mangunan, Mount Kendalisodo, Watu Belah. In the village of Curug Curug there are Muncar Fall, Tlaga Lembu Fall, and Hot Spring.

Bajing Falls Pekalongan

Address : Tlogopakis Village, Petungkriyono Sub-District, Pekalongan Regency. GPS : -7.16844, 109.72587, Waze. Open : all day long. Entrance ticket : Rp 3.000, Rp. 5.000 week ends. Reference : Peta Wisata Pekalongan . Tempat Wisata di Pekalongan . Hotel di Pekalongan.

, seorang pejalan musiman dan penyuka sejarah. Penduduk Jakarta yang sedang tinggal di Cikarang Utara. Diperbarui: October 17, 2017.

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