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List of Best WiFi Speed Test Websites

If you are wondering how fast your home wifi internet connection speed is and want to check it out, here is the list of best WiFi speed test websites that you can use for free to find it out. Normally there will be different internet speeds during the day, as various factors may affect your home wireless network connection.

Your WiFi speed determines the time your computer or your smartphone takes to perform certain tasks online, especially when downloading and uploading files or movies. Therefore speed test websites measure mainly these download and upload speeds of your internet connection.

Some internet service providers (ISP) use symmetrical connection technology, i.e. you will have the same speed for upload and download, while other ISPs use asymmetrical connection with much slower speed for upload than download.

Your choice of internet plan (e.g., 20 Mbps vs 50 Mbps download speed) and internet service provider (symmetrical vs asymmetrical connection) will be the most important decisions to make for your home. The choices should be determined based on your primary need, and how many persons are connected to the internet in your home.

Even though you may subscribe to 50 Mbps internet speed, but the top speed will unlikely ever be achieved, and since most likely you use WiFi connection at home and hence this is where the WiFi speed test website comes in, to find out what your download and uploads speeds are. You may need to perform the tests over the course of the day under normal working conditions.

Here are a couple of considerations when choosing speed test websites: ease-of-use, fast, accurate, simulate common situation, simple design, wide server range locations, no bias, and of course free to use, preferably without the need to log in.

A bit of advise, make sure you use the latest 802.11ac WiFi router or wifi 5 router in your home to ensure you get the best possible internet connection speed.

Speed Test Websites


List of Best WiFi Speed Test Websites

It's as simple as other sites with just a need a click to start the speed test, and the results' screen is clean without any distracting ads, only a peel window at the bottom left corner suggesting a recommendation. When I did the test from Jakarta, it also used test server located in Jakarta.


List of Best WiFi Speed Test Websites

Internet Health Test is another good choice for speed test with server located nearest to your location. It has a simple and clean design, and just needs a single click to start the process.


List of Best WiFi Speed Test Websites

It's probably at the top of your Google Search result when searching for internet speed test, and no wonder it's one of the most popular as well as one of the oldest speed test websites that you can use for free.

It has a wide range of servers based throughout the world, while it will automatically recommend the closest one to you, making it easier to perform the test. As I live in Jakarta, it uses test server located in Jakarta to do the speed test, and hence its accuracy is excellent.

In addition, you may keep records of previous data for comparison, and may use a database to learn about stats regarding connections from across the world. The results are also sharable, if ever you need it. While it may take sometime to show up on screen when opening the site, but it takes only one click to perform the test.


List of Best WiFi Speed Test Websites

Just like its name, the website gives you a real fast speed test for your WiFi internet connection, as it starts the test immediately when you open the website without the need of user action whatsoever.

When it's finished testing, the download speed will be displayed on the screen, and there's a "Show more info" text in a box which will show you a more complete data when you click on it. Its test server is located in Singapore when I did the speed test from Jakarta.

In addition to download and upload speed data of your WiFi internet connection, both in graphics and text, it also shows your IP Address and the server used for the speed test which most likely the nearest test server to your location, wherever you are.


List of Best WiFi Speed Test Websites

While the interface menu is initially rather confusing, but it is one of the most comprehensive speed test results that you can find as compared to other sites. According to it is an independent, trustworthy provider that runs on HTML5 and does exactly what it was created for without any unnecessary distraction. Its test server is located in Singapore, if you live in Jakarta or nearby cities.

It provides statistics for your WiFi internet speed compared to the averages for your ISP, city, and the world. You can create an account to save records and check back to compare the speed data after making some changes in your home setting.


List of Best WiFi Speed Test Websites

Unless you live in US, you won't probably use Xfinity Speed Test to test your WiFi speed as its test server was located in Sacramento when I did speed test from Jakarta, resulting an inaccurate data.

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