West Irian Liberation Statue, Central Jakarta

Oleh Bambang Aroengbinang. October 10, 2017
West Irian Liberation Statue of Jakarta is located in the midst of Banteng Square, Central Jakarta, facing Northwest. The sculpture was made during the Indonesian nation struggle to liberate West Irian (now Papua) from Dutch colonial rule in 1962.

The initial idea of making the West Irian Liberation Statue came from Soekarno on a speech in Yogyakarta, and then sketched by Henk Ngantung. Construction of the bronze sculpture was then entrusted to the Area Family Sculptor Team under the leadership of Edhi Sunarso Yogyakarta.

It took approximately a year to complete the curly-haired man statue with an expressive face, as high as 11 meters from the ground. Both arms of the statue stretched upward, each with handcuffs chain that has been broken. The inauguration was made by President Ir. Sukarno on August 17, 1963.

Silhouette of the statue was seen in an day afternoon. West Irian Liberation Statue weighted up to 8 tons, stands on a base as high as 20 meters from the bridge, or 25 meters from the base below. Because of the height, the statue was once became a kind of welcome monument to passangers when the international airport was still located in Kemayoran.

Two sculpture pillars symbolize the two opposing countery of Indonesia and the Netherlands, and the clashes in the fight over West Irian depicted by a horizontal bar on the base of the statue. The execution of monument construction was handled by PN Hutama with architect FX Silaban. The monument is maintained by the Parks Department of Jakarta's Administration.

West Irian Liberation Statue

Address: Lapangan Banteng, Central Jakarta. GPS Location: -6.17071, 106.835057, Waze. Related: Map of Jakarta . Destinations in Jakarta . Hotel in Central Jakarta.
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