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Buddhayana Vihara, Central Jakarta

Buddhayana Vihara in Central Jakarta, also known as Wan Jie Si Temple or Sentiong Temple, was built in 1736. Since the shape of the building resembles an ordinary house in the area of Gunung Saharai then it's also popularly known as Roemah Goenoeng Sarie (Gunung Sahari House).

The Buddhayana monastery is located at Jl. Lautze 38, Kartini Village, Sawah Besar sub-district, which can be accessed from Jalan Pintu Besi I.

Originally the building was a vacation home belonging to Frederik Julius Coyyet, and hence it was named Landhius Coyett. He decorated his house with several statues of Buddha and Hindu deities derived from Candi Kalasan and Candi Prambanan.

In 1733 F.J. Coyett headed an official delegation to the palace of His Majesty Sultan Mataram Kartasura. C.A. Lons, a member of his entourage, had the opportunity to visit the ruins of Prambanan and brought two Buddha statues from Candi Kalasan. He presented the statues to Coyett.

After Coyyet died in 1736, the house was bequeathed to GM Goosens, his wife, a beautiful and wealthy woman whom he married in that year. Before she married Coyyet, GM Goosens is the widow of M. Westpalm, whose tombstone was in the Inscription Park Museum. The following year Goossens remarried to Johannes Thedens, Governor General of Batavia 1740-1743. Goossens sold the house in 1753.

In 1761, the house was owned by the Governor-General Jacob Mossel, who died in that year, so it was then purchased by Simon Josephe. Since that time the house was called by the name of Roema Goenoeng Sarie.

Simon Josephe shortly thereafter sold Roema Goenoeng Sarie to prominent Chinese figures, namely Captain Tjhip Ko Lim, Luitenant Lim Kian Lo, and Lieutenant Lim Ko Thee.

In 1880, ownership of the house was transferred again to Gong-Guan or the Council of Chinese people, and that's when the building was used as a temple until today.

Buddhayana Monastery Jakarta

Address: Jl. Lautze No.38, Kartini, Sawah Besar, Central Jakarta. GPS Location: -6.157402, 106.834335, Waze. Related: Map of Jakarta . Destinations in Jakarta . Hotel in Central Jakarta.

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