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Throughout my short memories, just only this time I visited to Jakarta TMII Transportation Museum, despite already passed it somewhat dozens of times during several visits to Taman Mini Indonesia Indah. In addition to the museum name that might not yet that popular, probably because there was no strong pull to stop by at this place.

But in fact the Jakarta TMII Transportation Museum was quite crowded at that time. There were young families, teens, and elders. From ticket box to the main building, visitors should walk approximately 100m, crossing a railroad track. In front left, there's an ex-Garuda Indonesia DC-9 PK-GNT plane that used to serve ASEAN countries and Australia.

If walking to the left through the railway, there would be a landmark "Kemijen", name of a village in Semarang where the first railway station in Indonesia was built. Ceremonial in the village took place on Friday, June 17th, 1864 with the ground-breaking rail road works by Governor General of the Dutch East Indies, LAJ Sloet Baron van den Beele. The railway line Kemijen - Tanggung as far as 26 km started its operation by Naamlooze Venootschap Spoorweg Nederlandsch Indische Maatschappij (NV. NISM) on Saturday, August 10, 1867. NISM headquarter was in Lawang Sewu Semarang. In addition to outdoor exhibition, indoor exhibition space of Jakarta TMII Transportation Museum was housed in three two-story building.

transportation museum tmii jakarta
In front of middle building there's ZM Willem III Lighthouse made in 1879 from steel. Its electric motors were three passes with a 1000-watt bulb that could be seen from 20 nautical miles. In the outdoor display of TMII Transportation Museum there's original Steam Locomotive type-10437, wood-fueled, which could only reach a maximum speed of 10 km/h. The locomotive mady by Henschel & Sohn Cassel West Germany in 1911 was used in Cirebon Gempol Sugar Factory in 1912 - 1995. There's also the first double-Decker bus in Indonesia called The Tall Red, a British Leyland brand with a length of 9.5 m, width 2.5 m, height 4.45 m, served Blom M - Salemba - Senen. On its left was the city bus DAMRI.

Traditional boat named "Jayapura I" was displayed in the outdoor area of Jakarta TMII Transportation Museum. The boat is found in the North coast of Jayapura district. The Boat, weighing 2 tons typical of Wariy Tribe, was created in Kampung Ambore in June-July 1995 using Goro Wood for the boat body and Forest Wood Pinang for the above-hull boat. Further to the left on the outside area of the Jakarta TMII Transportation Museum there's Traffic Park. Behind it there were collections of locomotives and railway carriages. There were also a train tunnel and Extraordinary Coach used by President Sukarno and Vice President Mohammad Hatta when the Indonesian government was moved to Yogyakarta.

transportation museum tmii jakarta
A Jakarta TMII Transportation Museum collection named Cikar DAMRI, which was DAMRI first fleet in 1946 used to transport logistics for the military units in the area Banyumas District. Similar type of Cikar were used in Surabaya and Mojokerto.

Entered into the room of Jakarta TMII Transportation Museum teher were old motorcycle, such as the DKW (Dampf Kraft Wagen) Hummel brand, 50 cc engine made in Germany in 1951 with a maximum speed of 100 km/h. Also Honda 90 cc motorcycle from '70s era, with maximum speed of 120 km/h, the first Honda Bebek, antique Vespa, and some old big motorbikes.

transportation museum tmii jakarta
Pedicab Motor made in Siantar, North Sumatra, and hence it's also known as Becak Siantar. The vehicle combined a pedicab with a big motorcycle, such as Dukati, Java, and BSA brand. Big engine motorcycle seems to be needed there because of the hilly contour of Siantar City. Next to it is a Medan Pedicab made by bicycle that should be pedaled by the driver, coupled with the passenger coach next to the driver. A rather good arrangement.

Then there's Banjar boat or ferry boat with a capacity of 20 people and were available since 17th century in the era of Banjar Kingdom, and are still used in Banjarmasin floating market. Nearby there is a diorama of Joko Tingkir with his raft. There were also a single-engined training plane PK-ATV made in New Zealand in 1969, airport equipments, etc.

transportation museum tmii jakarta
Not far from the Banjar's boat there's an display of Joko Tingkir legend. His raft was made of bamboo logs, bound together with bamboo's ropes. Jaka Tingkir used getek along river to go to Demak Sultanae starting from Banyu Biru area, but he was blocked by white alligators. Joko Tingkir conquered the white crocodiles and forced them to push the getek to Demak.

At the TMII Transportation Museum there's also 1922 Rowed Lori with a capacity of four, used by Sk Babat Daop VIII Surabaya, and 1940 Pedaled Lori ex-Madiun Station 1940 - 1945. Nearby is the lever Signal 21 Double made by Bandung Kiaracondong Technique workshop in 1989 in the form of complete cabinets block and handle unit / cupboard ruler 1 x 21 doubles.

Other collections of Jakarta TMII Transportation Museum Collection was in form of 1990 Asmat Dimple Boat, size 1170 x 50 cm, height 110 cm, depth 34 cm. Made of peeled yellow wood or milk wood / yerat, tapered its edge, and hollowed out to form dimples. Prow of the ornamented with Cicemen, carvings of birds and the spirit of the ancestors.

It should be appreciated that the local transportation industry is also progressing. PT Dirgantara Indonesia continues to improve after being crippled by the IMF during the crisis of 1998. Likewise, PAL and PT KAI are expected to spearhead the technological development of mass transportation in Indonesia. Hopefully they speed up their performances.

Although most of the Jakarta TMII Transportation Museum collection were made by foreign countries, but still I was struck with so many transportation-related objects stored in the museum, which were mostly originals and in good conditions. I think you will also be fascinated with the collection when visiting the museum someday.

Transportation Museum, TMII Jakarta

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