Bee Recreational Park, Cibubur East Jakarta

It's been countless that I drove my car out of the Toll Cibubur Exit gate, but only this time I stopped by at Taman Wisata Lebah Cibubur (Cibubur Bee Recreational Park), which is only 150 m from the exit toll gate. On the first intersection road after the exit toll gate I turned left, at the T-junction turned to the right a little further turned left into parking area of Cibubur Bee Recreational Garden.

It was still early and quiet. Facing the street is the office and honey shop. Looking to the left there's gate of Cibubur Bee Recreational Park, flanked by statues of bees. One bee is wearing a Boy Scout uniform, the other holding a bamboo with Red and White Flag at the top of it.

Honey bees produce ten times as much honey from their own needs, so that they can be used as a nutritious food for humans. How honey bees communicate are fairly unique. When the Guide Bee finds flower as a source of food, it flies straight into the nest and creates dance that gives direction.

bee recreational park cibubur
There was no guard, so I was free to swing my legs into the Cibubur Bee Recreational Garden area through the gate. There are many trees in this large area. In some places there are rows of honeycomb wooden boxes lined with brightly colored lids, placed a few centimeters above the ground. In each box there is a small hole in the bottom corner that serves as entrance and exit door for the bees.

Not many bees were milling outside the box, probably were hunting for food or being in a box. There was nothing I could do with the boxes, so I went further into the back area of Cibubur Bee Recreational Garden. There were at least five big saung (traditional building) where people can stay for a night or two. Saung is usually used by participants of raising Honey Bee course organized by Taman Wisata Lebah Cibubur, which is open to anyone to enroll.

bee recreational park cibubur
Children's play area with standard game equipment can be found in several locations in Cibubur Bee Recreational Garden. Make it easy for families who bring their sons and daughters to this place. Water pools and shelter shaped like caves have been provided, and some were in the final stages of work.

Cibubur Bee Recreational Garden provides training with a choice duration of day, either 4, 7, or 30 days. Participants may be individuals or groups, and may choose to include consumption and lodging or not. After walking around and went back to the bee boxes area, there were four men there. Two of them are livestock raising honeybee trainers, and two are trainees coming from Aceh and from North Maluku.

bee recreational park cibubur
When a coach opened a box, it appeared in the box that there are a row of boards with hexagonal-shaped sheets of wire that form the basis for the honeybees to build their honey store. Dozens of honeybees clustered on the surface of the wire, but none of them stung the man's hand.

Honeybees create a hexagonal shaped storage. This form is recognized most efficiently than any other geometric shape, and the material requirement to make it is found as the most economical one. There is a small shop where trainees can buy all the ingredients needed to raise Bee Honey. Next to it is a Cafe.

bee recreational park cibubur
The atmosphere in the area of Cibubur Bee Recreational Garden that looked shady with trees that were quite dense and shady, able to withstand the sun. The cleanliness in this area also seems to be well maintained.

In Bee Recreational Garden there is also available bee sting therapy that can heal colds, aches, rheumatism, headaches, impotence, dizziness, low blood pressure / high, sleeping difficulties, diabetes. Before going home I stopped at the honey shop on the front area. The availability of honey in the store depends on the flower season.

Honey Bees made by PT Madu Pramuka are Honey Apple, Honey Durian, Honey Kaliandra, Honey Kapok, Honey Rubber, Honey Klengkeng, Honey Coffee, Madu Mangga, Multiflora Honey, Rambutan Honey, and Super Honey. But not all types of honey are available when you come, even though the expiration time of honey is relatively long, about four years.

Cibubur Bee Recreational Garden

Address : Kompleks Buperta Cibubur, East Jakarta. Phone 021-8445104, 84598457, 98225578. Fax. 021-8445104. GPS Location : -6.36685,106.895743, Waze ( smartphone Android dan iOS ). Open : Monday through Friday 08.00 – 16.00, Saturday 08.00-13.00, unday 08.00-16.00. Entrance ticket : free. Reference : Map of Jakarta, Destinations in Jakarta, Hotel in East Jakarta.

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