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Pak Tani Statue, Central Jakarta

I took another photo of Statue of Pak Tani at Menteng Jakarta, with official name of Statue of Hero, on the way to the area of National Monument in Gambir. The reason was that because some of the photos previously taken were not suitable to be used as header on the blog (which I no longer use).

That day was Saturday, so traffic around Patung Pak Tani (Statue of Farmer) was not so busy. As there was not so many vehicles passing by then I could park my car briefly at road side, opened my car's window and took some photos from inside the car.

The statue of Pak Tani is located on a fairly large roundabout between Jl. Menteng Raya, Jl. Prapatan and Jl. Arief Rachman Hakim, in Menteng, Central Jakarta. The area is arguably soothing, because of the green grass, the shrubs and flower beds, which serves as an entertainment for passing by motorits.

pak tani statue
The statue of Pak Tani is carrying a gun on his shoulder with a sharp bayonet stick to its snout. The official name of the Statue of Pak Tani, which is the Statue of Heroes, was intended to honor heroes of freedom fighters, but later is better known as the Statue of Mr. Farmer because of the male figure ppearance.

The idea of making this statue came from Bung Karno while still serving as president of RI. He got the idea when visiting Moscow, as he was very impressed with the artistic sculptures of the city. Therefore the Statue of Pak Tani was made by a Russian sculptor named Matvey Manizer and his son Otto Manizer.

pak tani statue
Children and teens were seen playing in the beautiful garden around the monument or Statue of Farmer. There were kids sitting around and having conversation with friends, some were playing foot ball, although shape of the park has no resemblance at all to football field. Even so they were enjoying playing there.

The making of the statue was not done in Indonesia, but in the sculptor's workshop located in Russia. When the work was completed by the Manizer family, the copper-made copper statue was then brought to Indonesia from Moscow by ship, so it took long time to arrive, albeit cheap cost.

pak tani statue
A close look at the Statue of Pak Tani, showing large muscles on his chest and thighs, the sign that he is a hard physical worker because it is impossible for farmers to go to gym to form their bodies. Somehow people do not name it Statue of Mr. Farmer and Mrs. Farmer, because they are both there.

The Statue of Pak Tani was inaugurated in 1963, with a landmark on the monument that reads "The nation that respects heroes is a great nation". Unfortunately very few heroes are known and remembered. Most of them were dead and buried without honor ceremonies, and their names faded with time or even received no recognition at all.

pak tani statue
Another photo that I took when there was a short period of time with no passing vehicle. Traffic in Jakarta becomes heavier day by day, even on Saturdays and Sundays, so it will also be more difficult to photograph this statue in the future. I wish I could stay for a day at hotel nearby the statue to take pictures with telephoto lens from one of its rooms.

The absence of a place to relax and the absence of ample parking space around the Statue of Pak Tani, makes the statue could often only be glimpsed when people pass by the road nearby. There is no chance to look more closely and know the history behind it.

Matvey Genrikhovich Manizer (1891 - 1966) is one of the most famous sculptors Russia. He made a number of sculptures which later became classical realist works of social arts. Born in St. Petersburg, he studied at the State Artistic and Industrial Academy there, and then studied at the Peredvizhniki art school from 1911 to 1916. In 1941 he moved to Moscow.

Statue of Pak Tani Menteng Jakarta

Address : Jl. Menteng Raya, Jl. Arief Rachman Hakim, and Jl. Prapatan, Menteng, Central Jakarta. GPS Location : -6.182838, 106.834574, Waze ( smartphone Android and iOS ). Reference : Map of Jakarta . Tourist Destination in Jakarta . Hotel di Central Jakarta.

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