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Arjuna Wijaya Statue, Central Jakarta

The Arjuna Wijaya Statue of Jakarta is an artistic work located at the southern end of Jl Medan Merdeka Barat, Central Jakarta, or north of the fountain circle at Jl MH Thamrin, a few dozen meters before National Museum. The beautiful statue depicts the figure of handsome Arjuna who was riding on a horse-drawn carriage in the legendary story of Baratayudha war.

Because of its location that close to the Indosat building, in addition to often called as the Horse Statue it is also sometimes referred to as the Indosat Statue. One day as I was on the passenger I managed to got off at the road side just across the statue to take some photographs the statue, and when it's finished I was picked up around the area of National Monument.

Traffic was not so bad at that time, though it was not so easy to get a photo of The Arjuna Wijaya Statue without a passing vehicle. Probably only on Sundays when car free day are imposed that it will be clean from the vehicle, but then there will be so many people passing by. Maybe one day I need to come again on a Sunday morning.

arjuna wijaya statue
A viewpoint on Arjuna Wijaya Statue Thamrin Jakarta which leads to Monas somewhat far behind with its gold plated flame peak. This is a photograph of the old sculpture that still used polyester resin materials that I think was beautiful and vivid as it shows muscles of the impressive horses.

The original Arjuna Wijaya statue was made in 1987 by taking a scene when Bathara Krishna became chariot driver for Arjuna who was on duel against Duke of Karna with King Salya as his coachman. Krishna stamped the horse-drawn carriage so that Karna's arrow, infiltrated by the King of the Taksaka Snake, missed. Karna who previously killed Abimanyu, son Arjuna, eventually killed by Arjuna's arrow.

arjuna wijaya statue
A close view of the old Arjuna Wijaya Statue of Jakarta shows water canal that surrounds the statue and there was an inscription on a shape like a pedestal in one of its corners. It is this kind of statue that makes up the spirit of a city, distinguishing it from cities elsewhere in the world.

The inscriptions beneath the statue that facing to the South, or towards the General Sudirman Road leading to Semanggi, read "I will accompany you to continue the struggle with the never ending development." Words that may not connected with the statue, but seems there is hope in there.

arjuna wijaya statue
A viewpoint that leads to West Merdeka Street leading to the State Palace and Harmony area. The existence of name of a national private bank written under the statue because the statue and surrounding garden was made with the company's donation funds through CSR program. Takes a portion of company's profits to be donated for benefit of the public.

This horse statue symbolizes Asta Brata (eight philosophies of life in the teachings of Javanese Hinduism), that life must imitate the earth (Kuwera Brata, become a firm foundation of welfare), sun (Surya Brata, energize, strength and energy source), fire (Agni Brata, glorious and singe the guilty without favoritism), star (Yama Brata, uphold justice according to law). Next is ocean (Baruna Brata, insightful, overcoming well every turmoil, wise and wise), wind (Bayu Brata, giving freshness and going down to see people), rain (Indra Brata, cultivating prosperity for people, bringing coolness and full of authority), and moon (Candra Brata, giving lights, cool-faced so that community is at ease and living comfortably).

arjuna wijaya statue
Pembuatan Patung Arjuna Wijaya Jakarta itu terjadi setelah kunjungan kenegaraan Presiden Soeharto ke Turki pada tahun 1987, karena melihat banyak monumen yang menceritakan kisah masa lalu Turki di jalan-jalan protokolnya. Presiden Soeharto lalu menggagas pembangunan monumen yang memuat filsafat Indonesia di ruas jalan protokol Jakarta ini.

View of Arjuna Wijaya Statue with Indosat building as background. The original sculpture created by sculptor Nyoman Nuarta that was made by about 40 artists was gradually deteriorated and fragile as it's continually exposed to unfriendly weather so that since 2003 it was renovated by replacing the polyester resin materials with copper.

The statue was restored in early October 2014 and inaugurated by Jakarta Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama on January 11, 2015, accompanied by Nyoman Nuarta and Board Directors of BanK OCBC NISP which financed the works. The actual number of horse statues are eight, but there are transparent horses depicted as shadows of Asta Brata's horses.

The idea of creating Arjuna Wijaya Jakarta Statue came after President Soeharto's state visit to Turkey in 1987, as he saw many monuments that tell stories of Turkey's past years in her main streets. President Soeharto then initiated the construction of the monument containing Indonesian philosophy on the main Jakarta street.

Patung Arjuna Wijaya Jakarta

Address : Jl Medan Merdeka Barat, Jakarta Pusat. GPS location : -6.1800971, 106.8228013, Waze ( smartphone Android dan iOS ). Reference : Jakarta Tourist Map . Places of Interest in Jakarta . Hotel in Central Jakarta.

, seorang pejalan musiman dan penyuka sejarah. Penduduk Jakarta yang sedang tinggal di Cikarang Utara. Diperbarui: October 12, 2017.

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