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Mount Kelud Tourist Attraction, Kediri

Wisata Gunung Kelud Kediri (Mount Kelud Kediri Tourist Attraction) was the target of visit that day. Not to climb to the top of the mountain of course, but simply to enjoy the beautiful panorama of the famous Mount Kelud from tourist sites that can still be accessed by most visitors. Sanusi and Ijun, friends from Kediri, still accompanied us on this trip.

The winding road path towards Wisata Gunung Kelud we passed looks quite smooth although somewhat narrow, with a view of fields, valleys, canyons, high waterfalls in the distance, and blue-green hills and mountains along the way that were pleasant enough. At ticketing box, we pay admission fee of Rp. 5,000 per person.

Along the way to Wisata Gunung Kelud, there are several small rest areas where visitors can stop by to enjoy the beautiful surrounding scenery and breathe fresh mountain air. It is worth stopping by a few moments at these simple places, before or after visiting Wisata Gunung Kelud tourist area.

mount kelud tourist attraction kediri
We saw a sign on the left side of the road, which marked a road fragment to Wisata Gunung Kelud known as "Jalan Misterius" (Mysterious Street). From Wisata Gunung Kelud (direction back to the city), the road looks "uphill", but if the vehicle is stopped at neutral position in the white marking that cross the road, the vehicle will move "down".

At least there's one thrilling uphill road to Wisata Gunung Kelud, due its sharp slope and the length of its path. A rather chubby man with his woman was seen park his small motorcycle just before the uphill road, and did not dare to go uphill. Even our car needed to retreat to the bridge because Sanusi was late to switch to lower gear.

mount kelud tourist attraction kediri
Mount Kelud was seen from a location near a bridge. The Mount Kelud tourist attraction area has four peaks, i.e. Kelud Peak, Sumbing Peak, Gajah Mungkur Peak, and Gedang Peak. Tiny white building that appears to the right in the photo above is a viewing post which sits atop of Gajah Mungkur Peak.

From a location along the way I could see a beautiful cascading waterfall located on the far left side of the road in the direction towards Wisata Gunung Kelud, using a long-range lens. Considering the very long distance to that mountain area, the waterfall is certainly very high, and no one knows how to get there.

mount kelud tourist attraction kediri
Mount Kelud Rest Area, where there are simple stalls and vast parking lot for Wisata Gunung Kelud visitors, is located at the left side of the building seen in the lower left in the photo above. Top left is Gajah Mungkur View Point, and cliffs on the right side is the Tebing Sumbing Gunung Kelud .

From a small rest area on the way to Wisata Gunung Kelud I could see tops of a hollow hill looked like traces of landslides. There's also a cluster of hills with very dense forests which might still virgin. After stopping by at some rest areas, we finally arrives at the main Rest Area of Wisata Gunung Kelud, where vehicles are parked.

After getting off from the vehicle, we went into one of the stalls to enjoy a plate of boiled egg noodles and cold drinks, before start exploring the waist of Mount Kelud. A few moments after leaving the stall, there's a sign that guide our steps towards Mount Kelud tunnel, which must be reached by foot.

mount kelud tourist attraction kediri
My friends were in front of the opening of the tunnel hallway of Mount Kelud. The tunnel, built in 1926 by the Dutch colonial government to drain lava erupted from Mount Kelud, was still quite neat and sturdy. In addition to its sturdiness, the distance to the other end is not too far away, so there is no doubt at all to get into the tunnel.

Although the situation along the lava tunnel of Mount Kelud was quite dark, but the light at the end of the 100 meters long tunnel was effective enough to be our guide. The trip after leaving the tunnel could be found the next article on Tebing Sumbing Gunung Kelud which was being climed by a number of climbers.

Gunung Kelud merupakan gunung berapi aktif berjarak sekitar 27 km dari Kota Kediri, dan merupakan gunung berapi yang rajin meletus, dengan siklus sekitar 15 tahun sekali. Namun setelah letusan pada 1990, Gunung Kelud baru aktif pada akhir September 2007 sampai November 2007, yang melahirkan gundukan magma beku Anak Gunung Kelud.

Mount Kelud is a active volcano located about 27 km from City of Kediri, East Java, and is often erupting volcano, with a cycle of about 15 years. But after the eruption in 1990, Mount Kelud was just active in late September 2007 until November 2007, which gave birth to a mound of frozen magma of Anak Gunung Kelud.

Wisata Gunung Kelud Kediri

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