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Ciaruteun Inscription, Bogor

After leaving Tapak Gajah Insription (Elephant Footprint Inscription), the journey was continued to locate the site of Bogor Ciaruteun Inscription on that last June 23. Late asking question, and sign of the sites was not that clear, had made us astray up to a bridge, so we should turn around and then drove slowly to observe any signs at the side of the road.

When finding rusty sign of Ciaruteun Inscription at the road side, a man who turned out to be the inscription guard approached us, and he then accompanied us to the location which is 100 meters away from the village road. The man's name is Mr. Atma, son of Mr. Anin previous site guard who helped to carry the inscriptions stone from Ciaruteun river.

Bogor Ciaruteun Inscription is better known by locals as Batutulis (InscriptionStone). They did not understand when I asked them where the Ciaruteun Inscription was, because the one they knew was inscriptionStone. Batutulis name certainly could not be used again as the official name, because it would overlap with the Batutulis Inscription in Bogor.

ciaruteun inscription bogor
The rusty sign of Ciaruteun Inscription that we missed to see it when passed it the first time. Such a sign sometimes plays a very important role in attracting people to stop by when it is beautifully made with attractive narration.

Bogor Ciaruteun Inscription had drifted a few meters away to downstream when a big flood hit in 1893, so that the inscribed surface was at the bottom. In 1903, the stone was moved back into its place. In 1981, the Directorate for the Protection and Development of Historical and Archaeological Dept. P&K took initiative to relocate the inscriptions.

ciaruteun inscription bogor
Sights on the cupola where the stone of Bogor Ciaruteun inscription was stored, with driveway was fenced and padlocked, the key was held by the site guard. Entrance to this cupola should be better made from behind of the cupola, so that visitors do not need to go around circling the are first before entering to the inscription site.

Inside the site there was an inscription that showed inauguration date of the cupola, made by Director of the Protection and Development of Heritage and Archaeology. In general, the cupola where the inscription was located was still in a pretty good shape, and the stone inscriptions also looked clean and reasonably well maintained. Copy of the inscription was affixed to the walls of the cupola, which reads: "Vikkranta syavani Pateh, srimatah Purnawarmanah, Tarumanaga rendrasya, visnoriva padadvayam", which means "These (mark of) two feet, like feet of the Lord Vishnu, are the feet of His Majesty The Purnawarman, king of the Taruma land who was brave and strong in the world. "

ciaruteun inscription bogor
Surface view of Bogor Ciaruteun Inscription stone which was carved with ancient Javanese Pallawa characters arranged in the form of Sanskrit seloka with four linesof Anustubh metrum. Under the article nicks there are carvings in the form of tubers and tendrils drawings, there are also indentations of footprints and a spider sculpture.

Unfortunately, there are parts of the stone inscriptions surface that had been broken on one side of the inscription, as when the rock was still immersed in the Ciarunteun River, rock breakers residents had partially broken the edge of the Bogor Ciaruteun inscription stone, but stopped it when they saw the footprints and rows of strange letters.

ciaruteun inscription bogor
Two soles of the feet are very clearly sculpted in the stone inscriptions. Inscription foot sculpture in Bogor Ciaruteun Inscription symbolizing royal power over the area where the inscription was found. This inscription, which is the remains of Tarumanagara Kingdom, was found Ciarunteun riverbank, flanked by Cisadane river and Cianten river.

When the stone was still on the riverbank, at the back Ciaruteun inscription was discovered graffiti made by young children on some of its surfaces. The right part of the inscription stone was also found in a state of broken. Luckily the inscription could immediately be saved so that no more severe damage and act of vandalism could be done.

When we started leaving the location, I saw a young girl and her little brother were walking slowly uphill from direction of Ciarunteun river carrying jerry cans. Ciarunteun river is where the inscription stone was found. Inscription existence was first reported by Bataaviasch Genootschap leader van Kunsten en Weten-schappen (now National Museum) in 1863.

According to the guard, it needed 30 days to relocate the stone into its place now. The stone weighing around 8 tons was transported only 5 cm per hour, or 50 cm from 7am to 5pm. There were three groups of people alternately lifting the stone, with 6 persons on each group. They got wages of Rp.1.500 per person per day, when the price of rice was Rp.70 per kg.

Bogor Ciaruteun Inscription

Village of Ciaruteun Hilir, Cibungbulang Subdistrict, Bogor. Nearest: Tapak Gajah Inscription (100 m) . Batu Dakon Inscription (100 m) . Tourist Destination in Bogor. Bogor Tourist Map. Hotel in Bogor

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