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Artha Suaka Museum, Central Jakarta

Location of Jakarta Artha Suaka Museum is in the 6th floor of Bank Indonesia Building at Jl. Kebon Sirih 82 , Central Jakarta. The museum houses a collection of thousands of money and other payment instruments that had circulated in the archipelago. Collections housed in the Jakarta Artha Suaka Museum were from the royal era, a period of intercontinental trade in antiquity, the Dutch colonial period, Japan, the UK and the money made at the time of Indonesian independence revolution until today.

Among the rare collection of Artha Suaka Museum is Kampua Money of Buton Kingdom in South Sulawesi that were made from princess fabric woven. Jambi money, Majapahit gobog money, and money that was written using blood.

There’s Krishnala Money of Janggala made of gold. Krishnala Money also made of silver and bronze, shaped half-round, rectangular and buttons, which began to be made in the 7th century and was used until the 12th century.

While shape of Majapahit gobog money resembles a Chinese gobog, flat round and rectangular hole in the middle. In the Majapahit gobog money usually carved with animals, puppets, or relief folklore.

Another collection is Real Stone Money of the Kingdom of Sumenep which allegedly came from the currency the Kingdom of Spain plus an Arabic letter stamp "Soemenep", numbers or roses.

From Gowa of South Sulawesi there is dinar gold used in the era of Sultan Hasanuddin in the 17th century, resembles of Aceh Derham.

Inauguration of the Artha Suaka Museum was conducted on March 21, 1978, and now there are more than 5,000 collections of currency owned by the museum, but only about 1000 are on display.

Artha Suaka Museum

Address: Gedung Bank Indonesia Lt. 6, Jl. 82 Kebon Sirih, Central Jakarta. GPS location: -6.296469, 106.794386, Waze. Telephone 021 - 374108, 3818432. Fax 021 - 2310731. Open Monday to Friday: 16.15 - 17.15. Close on national holidays. Free entrance. Tourist Destinations in Jakarta, Tourist Map of Jakarta, Hotel in Central Jakarta.

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