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Leo Kristi - LKers Performance

Teater Studio, Taman Ismail Marzuki, on May 20 evening was fully packed by Leo Kristi's enthusiasts who came from various cities across the country and from overseas just to witness Leo Kristi's rare performance in conjunction with the commemoration of the 100 Years of National Awakening that fell on the same day.

Some of them were accompanied by family or close friends who had little or no idea at all of what kind of musician and music that they would be going to see that night. Almost all of them, however, were glued at their places, including those who had to stand up for more than three hours, until the concert ended at around 11 p.m.

After a lively opening performance by Komunitas SASKRI directed by Aryo LKers and Dayo Pangestu Adjie, the concert was officially opened by Kurnia Effendi, followed with an opening speech by Setiyadi on behalf of LKers, Leo Kristi Music Devotee Community.

A shot inside of the Teater Studio during the concert. Photos are courtesy of Bagus Indahono, one of LKers with sophisticated photography equipments in his hands, who's so generous to share the pictures of the concert with us.

Leo took the stage, greeted the audience, and made a few remarks. For the amusement of the audience he finally took his guitar and started his solo performance with Tembang Lestari that got rosy applause, followed with an unfinished song titled Memanggil Angin Dara. Leo Kristi invited Ryan Lutfi to perform another three songs, O Danae, Oh Surabaya, and Hitam Putih.

Leo then disappeared in the back stage to change his costume, and LKers musician took positions: Rezza Suhendra on lead guitar-angklung, Bambang Aroengbinang on electric bass, Gamawan Waluyo on guitar-keyboard-flute-angklung, Sena Reksalegora on purcussion, Aries Ducat on Guitar-Harmonica, and female vocals were Ayu, Devi, Linda and Tanti. While awaiting Leo, Rezza took initiative to play Pohon Kemesraan that got warm reception from the audience. Leo finally came on stage with a pink jacket and helmet covering his head.

Back row, left - right: Sena, Thanty, Devie, Setiyadi. Front row, left-right: Rezza - Leo Kristi - BA

Leo Kristi - LKers collaborative performance was opened with the lively Kereta Laju song. The concert run-down songs that was carefully prepared, were not followed at all. Leo was back with his old habit: choosing the next song based on his intuition and his assessment on the situation.

The good thing was that nobody knew the run-down except LKers musicians, and that it looked more natural. As usual, the die-hard fans once a while shouted asking Leo to perform certain songs.

Back row, left-right: Gamawan, Sena, Aries, Ayu, Linda, Thanty, Devie. Front row, left-right : Rezza, Leo Kristi, BA

The next song performed was Salam dari Desa, followed with Gulagalugu Suara Nelayan, Surabaya Bernyanyi, Minna Minkum Nusantara, Lenggang-Lenggong Badai Lautku. Leo then invited Lita Johannes, ex-female singer of Konser Rakyat Leo Kristi , to perform Nyanyian Maria. It was a sweet reunion.

Leo-LKers continued the performance with Nyanyian Fajar, Pojok Kafe Simpang Lima, Sayur Asam Kacang Panjang, Nyanyian Tambur Jalan Komedi Badut Pasar Malam, Nyanyian Kaum Pemukiman, Bulan Separuh Bayang, Dari Fajar ke Fajar, Umi Muda Serambi Tua, Lewat Kiara Condong, and Nyanyian Malam.

Leo was ready to finish the show at around 11 p.m., but he then agreed to play another two songs: Nyanyian Pantai at the request of BA, and Nyanyian Musim at the request of Setiyadi. The two songs concluded Leo Kristi - LKers performance.

At the age of 58, Leo Kristi was still full of power on the stage that was designed based on his personal request. He defies Pak Dedi Panigoro's comment during the general repetition two days before the concert, that Leo Kristi should already become a composer. Leo Kristi, however, is still an inspiring composer, powerful magnet troubadour singer as well as skillful and restless guitar maestro.

The concert unquestionably was another milestone for both Leo Kristi and LKers, albeit various shortcomings. It's a culmination of hard works and sacrifices by LKers and Leo Kristi's enthusiasts during the three months preparation. There were 57 persons who contributed money starting from Rp.100,000 to Rp.10million to finance the concert, and more persons who contributed in various ways to make the concert successful. Setiyadi, Albert Go, and Sena were some of the LKers who actively collected the donations for the concert.

Finally, Leo Kristi's enthusiasts who were very appreciative and involved actively during the concert by singing, dancing, punching fists in the air, and another funny but quite entertaining gestures, were really the ones who gave meaning to the concert, and have made the concert just like a big family party. In fact, many of them have never met before, they only knew by names in the mailing list, and yet they immediately blended and talked like old friends.

, seorang pejalan musiman dan penyuka sejarah. Penduduk Jakarta yang sedang tinggal di Cikarang Utara. Diperbarui: May 22, 2008.

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