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Deavies Sanggar Matahari

I got a text message last week reminding me to go to Graha Bhakti Budaya TIM on Saturday, May 24, to see a concert by Deavies Sanggar Matahari and Komunitas Musikalisasi Puisi Indonesia. Devie, one of LKers female singers, is the lead vocal at Sanggar Matahari, and she personally invited LKers to see the performance.

There were 8 of us from LKers attended the concert: Amir Daulay - founder, Totot & Linda - one of LKers most enthusiast pairs, Albert Go - craziest LKers and wife , Rezza - LKers top guitarist, Aries - the harmonica-man, and myself. It was shamefully the first time for me to enter Graha Bhakti Budaya, after 22 years living in Jakarta. I believe I was not alone...

I wonder how many Jakartans were also like me, as a first timer in watching a full concert of Poetry Musicalization. Thanks to Albert who bought me the ticket. I have ever seen earlier actually poetry musicalization by Komunitas SASKR that performed at Wapres and TIM as part of Leo Kristi-LKers concert, even though only few poets/songs were played.

As I went inside a few minutes late, I only got the end part of the opening performance by Deavies Sanggar Matahari. The stage was arranged in a minimalist design, with a huge backdrop in black color which gave a strong aura that also served as the screen for a multimedia player.

The above photo is performance of Komunitas Musikalisasi Puisi Indonesia (Indonesian Poetry Musicalization Community, KOMPI) from Sulawesi Tenggara province. The music composition was simple, but it was in a good harmony with the song.

Performance of KOMPI from Jambi, South Sumatera, wearing traditional outfits. Ethnic flavor were strong in their composition, that made me amaze and admire the richness of our culture.

KOMPI from Manado, North Sulawesi, who came from different schools and led by a teacher. They played a poet which was dedicated for Aceh, with traditional bamboo musical instrument of Kolintang originated from the province.

A lively performance of KOMPI from West Java. The energy they emanated, the voices produced from the traditional music they played, were just awesome.

Deavies Sanggar Matahari took the stage and opened the 1st Session performance with Seperti Hutan yang Terbakar, a poet by Kemala; followed with Gergaji - Slamet Soekirnanto, Salju - Wing Karjo, and Nawang Wulan - Subagyo Sastrowardoyo.

The six siblings, daughters and sons of Fredie Arsi and Rosmila Djalal, established Deavies Sanggar Matahari in 1990. They are Dedie S. Putra Siregar, Andrie Syahnila Putra Siregar, Devie Komala Syahni Siregar, Herie Syahnila Putra Siregar, dan Irma Komala Syahni Siregar.

The group has performed in more than twenty occasions in various cities across the country, and even overseas. Their works received recognitions from both government and the art community. Four albums had been released so far with the last one was in 2007.

In the second session they played Gadis Peminta-minta - Toto Sudarto Bachtiar, Pada Mu Jua - Amir Hamzah, Refleksi Jarak dan Waktu - Ahmadun Yosi Herfanda, and Salam Damai - Fikar W. Eda.

Erwin "All right", the funny MC, was telling the audience the journey taken by Devies Sanggar Matahari that molds them to be what they are now.

Fredie Arsi, who pioneered poetry musicalization and has been consistent in promoting it until today, was invited to the stage and sing a song for his beloved wife.

The 3rd session featuring Problema II - Fredie Arsi, Nyanyian Rindu - Dediesputra Siregar, Ruh (u) Krak - Dediesputra Siregar, Mama - Fredie Arsi, and Musik Alam - Fredie Arsi.

It was a good concert, and we were happy to be there. Whilst at the same time there's big attraction at Kelapa Gading, a street carnival for the closing of Jakarta Fashion and Food Festival, there was still sizeable audience who watched the concert.

Deavies Sanggar Matahari has definitely achieved another milestone in their journey to eventually become themselves, as was said by Fredie Arsi himself. There are still plenty rooms to be explored for them to grow, whether in the interpretation of the poet, stage act, musical instruments and the sounds produced.

It would be quite interesting to see a concert or festival of Poetry Musicalization performed by groups from all over the country. We will wait for such an occasion to be happening in the near future.

, seorang pejalan musiman dan penyuka sejarah. Penduduk Jakarta yang sedang tinggal di Cikarang Utara. Diperbarui: May 29, 2008.

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