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Leo Kristi - LKers at Wapres

Sunday evening, February 17, 2008, a historic moments had been written in the musical journey of Leo Kristi and LKers Community. A live concert was successfully organized by LKers Community at Wapres (Warung Apresiasi) Bulungan, Jakarta, featuring the legendary troubadour Leo Kristi and a euphoric collaboration session with LKers amateur musicians.

It's a sweet and wild dream come true. It was not until a few days before the concert, however, that LKers got confirmation from Leo Kristi that he's willing to collaborate with LKers musicians to perform few beautifully crafted songs such Gulagalugu, Kereta Laju, Salam dari Desa, and Lenggang-lenggung. LKers is a group of diverse people who love Leo Kristi's songs deep down into their blood and bones, connected loosely but intensely through LKers mailing list.

A day before the concert he stayed overnight at Kota Wisata, Cibubur, and played informally and joyfully with LKers from around 4 pm until 10 pm, before having late dinner at Pondok Seafood, Cibubur.

On Monday morning, three LKers core musicians, who also stayed overnight at the same house, got a rare opportunity to play in front of Leo Kristi who watched the exercise very closely, and gave valuable feedback to each of the person.

Wapres at that night was full of people, LKers and non-LKers, who came to the place either to participate, to see the legend on stage, to do an interview, to take video recording, to take pictures, or just happened to be there. Among the crowd were Sujiwo Tejo, Naniel Khusnul Yakin from the first generation of Konser Rakyat Leo Kristi, Gayatri who performed with Leo Kristi for sometime and Faisal Basri (elder brother Ramdan Malik, one of the LKers).

Heavy rains poured for a few minutes at around 7 pm, but then stopped. We were blessed.

All the photos below, except the first five or six, were shot by Henry Widjaya, LKers and professional photographer, using BA’s camera.

Kurnia Effendi, actually with Yoosca but she's not in the photo, greeted people, informed the program agenda, and provided a brief history of LKers community.

Ari Nurtanio, LKers from Bandung, performed a short story reading.

It’s the scene at Wapres with Henry Ismono from Nova tabloid at the left foreground.

Sena Reksalegora, one of the LKers, played two songs of Simon & Garfunkel, Leo Kristi's favorite.

A group of theater artists performed poetry musicalization, led by Aryo LKers, Budi Ketjil and Dayo Pangestu Adji. It was a great and well prepared performance, with a good stage blockings, and beautiful music arrangements.

Reza, one of the core and most talented LKers musicians played a couple of LK's songs with Ayu, such as Tembang Diahati, Bintang Pelangi that got thundering applause from LK enthusiasts.

Rezza, BA, Gam and Sena were seen playing Synagogue-Synagogue, a song that never been played at concert by LK. Before that, the trio Rezza-BA-Gam, played SASL (Solus Aegreti Suprema Lexis).

The trio concluded their performance with "Serenada Pagi 1971", a BA's favorite song.

Heny and LK were shown with Naniel. It was a touchy moment of reunion between LK and Naniel after so many years they were separated because of personal reasons. LK was showing the symbolic flag where the red is to be inside the white.

Yoosca, second from left, one of LKers strong supporters, seated next to Thanty.

LK was seen with Gayatri, one of ex-LK's vocalists, and Naniel on flute. Whilst Gayatri and Naniel forgot already most of the performed songs, but seeing them on the stage with LK was already a pleasant surprise for LKers.

Rezza, LK, BA, Gam were about to start the historic moment of musical collaboration.

Rezza, LK, Ayu, Thanty, BA, Linda, Gam started the performance with Kereta Laju. At the age of 58, LK was amazingly still full of energy and strong power.

Another collaboration songs LK-LKers were then performed one by one: Gulagalugu, Lenggang-lenggung, Sayur Asam Kacang Panjang, and Salam dari Desa.

The collaboration continued with a lot more songs, such as Surabaya Bernyanyi, Nyanyian Musim, etc. LK was in high mood, and his diehard fans screamed wildly, and sang enthusiastically with every songs performed. Aries Marra was shown playing harmonica. With him in harmonica, and Sena at rebana, it was a complete performance. Setiyadi, a LKers activist, also joined the group at the stage.

A couple of times Rezza and LK performed lively jammed sessions that received a rosy applause. Sweats were flowing happily from LK's and LKers musician's faces.

Totot, one of diehard LKers, were enjoying the performance.

Ramdan Malik, LKers and younger brother of Faisal Basri, was seen enjoying, contemplating and probably dreaming of things that may happen after the historic show.

Faisal Basri, second from left, was seen among the spectators. Here is Faisal’s comment at

The stage was a bit too small for LKers - LK collaborative performance. A better place was already been discussed for the next collaboration, such as TIM.

After the collaboration, LK still performed solo with Silmon Blues, and Gulagalugu tsunami version. It was so lively and powerful.

Dewi, BA's wife, was seen among the crowd. Next to her was Bambang Soewandi family who admired LK's song since he was studying at ITB (Geology '77).

Petrus Siregar from Allianz with his handycam, Henry Ismono and Bambang Soewandi were enjoying the show.

Amir Daulay, founder of mailing list was seen with Albert Go, one of LKers activists.

It was a historic night indeed for both Leo Kristi and LKers. What will happen next is still in the discussion and only time will tell, but the ball is rolling...

, seorang pejalan musiman dan penyuka sejarah. Penduduk Jakarta yang sedang tinggal di Cikarang Utara. Diperbarui: February 19, 2008.

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