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Anekdot Idiot Teater Indonesia

We arrived at the parking lot of Teater Luwes within Taman Ismail Marzuki complex exactly at 2 p.m. to see Anekdot Idiot by Teater Indonesia. The time when we heard the sound of gong as a sign that the performance would be started. This was good, since the first performance that we saw was also started on time.

It was dark already when we entered the hall, but we could recognize easily Albert Go silhouette, one of fellow LKers sitting nearby the entrance, apparently awaiting Ramdan Malik, another fellow LKers who hasn't yet arrived from his office at TPI. We finally settled down sitting on the floor to take photos.

The play was started with a premise that when a man (penis) can get erected, then he will be proud of himself. Hope, wish, objective are erections. Erection covers everything, a discourse into sin, authority to become our own panties. Sometimes we forgot, have we worn our panties? Pantie become masker for the face, hoping the dirty comedo will be lifted, but it smells instead. Animal university is the solution, doom as a reward, death as a bonus, and treason as door prize.

Brozo, a veteran general, the main character played very strongly by Dadang Badoet, is mirror of our evil, face, history.

Pasukan Anjing, the Dog Army Unit, and the theater atmosphere. Whilst the theater looked older, but I like it better than the one at Teater Kecil.

Adolf, a veteran army corporal played by Budi Ketjil is seduced by Happy, the plus-plus niece of Brozo who brings Brozo's special order. Adolf is a long loyal friend of Brozo, but he refuses to join Brozo to materialize Brozo's dream to establish an Animal University. The special order is apparently panties of famous women.

Budi played extremely well, and I can understand upon learning that he was the last year's festival best actor.

Adolf married with a prostitute who left him with a kid that also causes him troubles. Similar with probably most of other men in the world, Adolf can not stop doing his old habit of masturbation, and this time he's expecting Happy to be around with a condom ready for use.

The sweet lady of the masturbation object comes into reality. Happy comes to Adolf place.

Brozo inspects Pasukan Anjing under the command of Veteran Bolki, Brozo's loyal man. Brozo once saved his life.

Aryo LKers reports to Brozo. I have never met this guy until Albert introduced him to me after the play was over.

Pasukan Anjing receives a special order from Brozo with the panties.

Adolf finally bows to Brozo's request to drink liquors and they all get drunks.

The Pasukan Anjing delivers the order, brings faces effigy of world controversial leaders with panties on their heads.

Bolki was ordered by Brozo to capture Adolf, but he asks Adolf to hit him instead to escape from Brozo's order that against his will. Bolki knows that Brozo is mentally sick.

Brozo kills Bolki, and when he's going to kill Adolf, Happy steps in and points her gun to Brozo who finally surrenders his pistol to Adolf.

Adolf kills Brozo, and takes his hat, and all of sudden he inherits all Brozo's awkward behavior. Power has changed Adolf.

The play director, Dayo Pangestu Adji, greeted the audience.

End of the good show. Players shook hands and hugged each other. A time to celebrate after a full three months of heavy preparations.

Brozo's and Adolf's characters are definitely the strongest ones in the play. Dadang and Budi played extremely well. They both deserve high praises, not only for the dialogue, but also for the way they awkwardly moved their bodies and extremities to strengthen the characters they played.

The music, with a distinct percussion back sound, deserves praise. The stage arrangements, with a small space for Adolf's room below the main stage, was brilliant. With a limited production budget, lighting was just fine. It's a 9 out of 10.

, seorang pejalan musiman dan penyuka sejarah. Penduduk Jakarta yang sedang tinggal di Cikarang Utara. Diperbarui: December 24, 2007.

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