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We arrived at MP BookPoint Jeruk Purut, Kemang, at about 3 p.m., November 10, when Dwi, one of fellow LKers, just parked his car. Devi from Sanggar Matahari was with him. A few fellow LKers were already there. Gam, Setiyadi, Rezza, and a few others were arranging guitars, amplifiers, microphones, angklung, keyboard and some sort of percussion.

Two Red and white flags were hung at the top of the glass windows as back ground. It was Gam who put it on. A banner of "Pahlawan yang Dilupakan" (The Forgotten Hero) was placed in front of MP Book Point. Snack and drinks had been prepared at the side tables. Nice carpets, brought in by Totot's wife, were spread on the floor. We were ready for the show of what we called it reriungan.

One by one LKers entered the room. Henry Ismono - a senior person from Nova tabloid, Nooereska who came from Yogya, Albert Go - an IT Manager at APL-Zuellig, Henry Widjaya - the poetic photographer, Yoosca Sakanti Dewi - younger sister of Renny Jayusman, Ramdan Malik - a senior person from TPI and younger brother of Faisal Basri, Kurnia Effendi - a novelist and an Indomobil senior manager who managed to get permit to use the place, Thanty and some other ladies were among LKers in the room.

A few minutes after Happy Salma entered the room, Nooreska was given the honor to open the reriungan, followed with a solemn prayer for the heroes and then we made a noisy toss for the LKers Community wellness.

After an opening speech delivered by Kurnia Effendi, Bedil Sepuluh Dua and Tepi Surabaya were performed by Rezza, Gam and Adi to warm up the night, followed with a touchy short story reading of Hati yang Terenggut by the sweet looking smiling face of Happy Salma that drew applause from the audience. Another song filled the air, then Arya Gunawan lively presented his in depth analysis and socio-cultural interpretations of LK's legendary heroic and humanistic works.

Testimonials and memorable personal experiences were shared, and more people filled the room. I looked around and made a quick calculation. There were about 50 people. My throat was dry, and I walked to the side table to grab drink and snack, and caught in a hot discussion with Totot and Punto that made me missed Ramdan's documentary movie, Henry's art photos works and short story reading by Henry Ismono.

The long awaited Konser LKers finally greeted the audience who mostly wearing black clad. Rezza on Guitar, and Devi on vocal opened the concert with Tembang Lestari, Walsa Aria and Pohon Kemesraan. Rezza's fingers and Devi's voice hypnotized LKers who shouted wildly and punched clenched fists up to the innocent air.

The complete Konser LKers formation then took positions. Gam on guitar, bass, keyboard, angklung, vocal; Rezza on guitar; BA on guitar, bass and vocal; Sena on percussions; Aries on harmonica and guitar; Thanty on vocal, also accompanied by Ayu and Lis.

Serenada Pagi 1971 opened the concert (wahai perang, aku datang...), followed with Nyanyian Malam , Memorial Sudirman the performance version where Aries' harmonica voice received applause, Surabaya Bernyanyi and Nyanyian Fajar. The percussion sound played by Sena that opened Gulagalugu Suara Nelayan song drew rosy applause, then came Biru Emas Bintang Tani, Kereta Laju, and Lenggang Lenggong Badai Lautku. People were in ecstasy, some confessed to get deep multiple orgasms. Albert Go, sang and danced wildly at the back together with the performers, but nobody objected, they even enjoyed it as part of the show.

More LK's songs were thrown to the air to fill in the hungry ears of LKers. Danae, Oh Surabaya, Nyanyian Musim, Tembang Diahati, Kaki Langit Cintaku Berlabuh, Anna Rebana, Katia Amanda dan Aku, Nyanyian Maria, Salam Dari Desa, Sayur Asam Kacang Panjang, and Kiara Condong were chewed greedily.

Then in the last session came Mutiara Pertiwi, Di Deretan Rel Rel, Laut lepas Kita Pergi, Baptis Theresia, Pohon Tua Tua Ranting Kering, Nyanyian Tanah Merdeka, Timor Timur, Hati Muda Ley Ley, Diatas Bukit Utara Semalam.

It was 9.30 p.m. when the last song was played. Thirty minutes more than what MP Book Point had allowed us to use the hall. The reriungan was over. Mission's accomplished. The elated LKers shook hands, exchanged words and hugs, and started packing all the stuffs. A footprint had been sealed.

More stories on reriungan can be found at Koran Tempo today, November 18, page 10, by Mardiyah Chamim, and at
Photos can be viewed at my flickr.

Selaksa bunga rumput goyang bersama, dalam buaian angin semilir....

, seorang pejalan musiman dan penyuka sejarah. Penduduk Jakarta yang sedang tinggal di Cikarang Utara. Diperbarui: November 18, 2007.

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